Thousands of fans female net red suspected of getting pregnant, the live broadcast room was red, netizens: Can’t say within three months

The female Internet celebrity Xiao Yiyi on the KS platform has also mentioned many times recently.The reason is that Xiao Yiyi has recently been crazy to brush the gifts to raise the powder in order to compete with the position of the platform with Simba’s cat sister.The battle between the two sisters of these two people is also a strong smell of gunpowder. The two who had previously been commensurate with the sisters now began to scold.

Because of recently, Xiao Yiyi was busy brushing gifts and raising fans, so she was absent from the live broadcast of many teams.However, recently the platform has reported the news of Xiao Yi’s pregnancy.Last night, Xiao Yiyi started the live broadcast. In the live broadcast, a careful netizen found that Xiao Yiyi’s belly was a bit bulging. With the rumors on the recent platform, there were fans typing on the public screen and asking if Xiao Yiyi was pregnant.Is it?

When a few fans asked questions, Xiao Yiyi always pretended not to see it. Later, the rhythm of fans became more and more, and Xiao Yi had to respond.When talking about this problem, Xiao Yiyi blushed directly in the live broadcast room.However, the fans did not give a positive answer.It just said vaguely: I ca n’t say now, and I will tell you after a while.

Many fans expressed their incomprehension for such vague responses, including the editor of the time.However, an older netizen told the editor the reason.It turned out that there was a tradition in some areas.It is that a woman cannot tell others in the first three months after pregnancy, otherwise it will affect the child.After listening to the explanation of this netizen, and the shy performance of Xiao Yiyi in the live broadcast room, it seems that the pregnancy is inseparable.

In addition, from the performance of people around Ii, we can also confirm this side.Bai Xiaobai did not let her make makeup. Zhang Kaifeng said that she couldn’t dance recently. The card Qi Qi did not let her eat hot pot, and she could not eat boneless chicken feet … People around them were not in line with common sense. They were all talented women.There should be performance.

Xiao Yiyi was the earliest female Internet celebrity on the KS platform. The female net reds of the same period basically had children.The side has not responded. If you are really pregnant this time, fans who like Xiaoyi will be happy for her?

Looking back at Xiao Yiyi’s Internet celebrity career, when studying at the technical school, she had a target with the brand Qi Qi and filmed the earth -shaking videos shaking the society together.After graduating later, the two people had been living together, and later they got married.Among them, Qi Qi was banned for various reasons. Xiao Yiyi became the leader in the entire company, and her character also changed from the little girl at the time to "domineering."

Maybe, we don’t like Xiao Yiyi we usually see.But we should know that as an Internet celebrity, more on the stage is only acting.Along the way, maybe Xiao Iy is not a qualified idol for fans, but for the family, a woman’s team of her husband must be a qualified wife.So, if Xiao Yiyi is really pregnant this time, is it a complete thing?

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