Three behaviors that spoil their breasts, many girls may do it frequently. After self -examination, if they change it as soon as possible

Several female colleagues chatted during lunch breaks and talked about the topics related to the chest.

"Wow, why do Afang think your chest has become bigger? Is there any secret?"

"I read a post on the Internet before, what chest massage method can make a big cup in the chest, I followed it, but I pressed it. I felt a little painful these days.

"Maybe it is stimulating to develop? There is pain, then I have to try it too."

"Don’t, do you not hear that chaotic massage will hurt your chest, and it is likely to stimulate breast hyperplasia, and even breast cancer.

The chest is one of the most important body parts of women. It is not only a second sexual characteristic of women, but also the function of breastfeeding and protecting the internal organs.

However, due to the lack of correct maintenance knowledge of women, the chest often hurts the chest, leading to health problems in the chest.

Women’s breasts are composed of breasts, fat, and nerve blood vessels.The main role of breasts is to secrete milk, while fat determines the size of the breast. People with more fats will be more plump. People with less fat will be flattened.

Of course, the size of the chest is also affected by the "chest type". With the same weight of the chest, the chest of the hemispherical type will appear larger.In addition, the size of the chest will also change in a special period. For example, when women come to menstruation, the estrogen in the body rises, which will stimulate the breast, cause the chest to become larger, and feel painful.Leave and recover.

Women’s chest shape is the same as men’s pectoral muscles, and it is divided into many types.More common ones are discs, drooping, bird’s peaks, hemispherical, water droplets, and cone types. These look are normal breasts.

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But no matter what kind of chest type, there will be left and right asymmetric, which is actually related to the difference between the human body. It may be congenital reason or the acquired habit.For example, always sleeping towards one side. Over time, the breasts on the side may be larger than the side; some women who like unilateral arm exercises, and the breasts on both sides will be a little asymmetric.For the asymmetry formed by the day after tomorrow, pay more attention to life, such as doing more breast expansion, or sleeping on the side with a smaller breast, which can help improve.

In addition to the differences between size and chest shapes, there are also differences in the shades of areola.The color of areola is generally divided into three types. One is that it is naturally darker; the other is that it may suddenly become deeper due to a certain disease; the third is that after pregnancy, the isola color deepen.No matter what kind of reason, it has nothing to do with sexual life.

Does "external force" really make the breast change?Do these three behaviors often cause breasts to suffer: breast massage

Many beauty salons often massage the breasts, which can "pass the breasts, dredge nodules", but the breast nodules have complex tissues and structures, and they cannot disappear by massaging. Instead, massage will increase certain breast problems.For example, breastfeeding breasts are like a bunch of full grapes. Violent massage can only cause milk stasis and induce abscess.

In addition, the essential oils and breast enhancement products used by some beauty salons may add hormones in violation of regulations. These hormones can stimulate cell mutations and cause breast disease.

Hard squeeze the "career line"

The "career line" is very expected, but it is also a harm to the breast.Squeezing cleavage generally needs to wear tight bras, which will cause breathing discomfort. The tight bras will deform the breast. As a result, it will affect the return of the lymphatic fluid in the breast, which will cause poor local blood circulation in the breast.Especially for breast development, the "career line" can limit breast development, but it will "shrink" the breasts.Wear "wrong" underwear

Many women do not choose the right bra.The wrong way to wear underwear can also cause damage to the breast.Some women have been worn for a few years, and the brakes of the bras have been deformation. They did not want to change. This bra has lost its support, but it will accelerate the looseness, drooping and expansion of the breasts;The bras can also cause the skin to be obvious.

Breast is an important sexual organs for women. If you want to protect your breasts, you should develop these habits:

1. Choose suitable underwear

The material of the underwear, the tightness, and the wearing time together affect the lymphatic return of the breast. Foreign research has also found that the probability of breast cancer increases with the tightness and time of wearing underwear.Therefore, it is recommended that women should be preferred to choose a comfortable and loose underwear.

2. Keep a suitable weight

Obesity can stimulate fat cells to release more estrogen, and the elevation of estrogen can cause increased probability of breast cancer, so it is particularly important to ensure health weight.

3. Ensure a healthy diet

Equilibrium diet is a healthy foundation. Daily ingested foods rich in trace elements, foods contaminated with mold and toxins, burnt, smoked, marinated and high -salt food.Reducing the intake of stimulating drinks such as strong tea, alcohol, coffee, etc. These are all important for breast health.

4. Use estrogen and its products with caution

Female friends should try to avoid hormone drugs as much as possible. Studies have found that the increase in hormone levels after menopause is related to increasing risk of breast cancer. There is a causal relationship between menopausal hormone replacement and breast cancer.Therefore, women must be used under the guidance of professional doctors for hormones.

5. Regular medical examination screening

Women should regularly check their breasts. When they are found, they should go to the hospital in time.It is recommended that ordinary women over 20 years of age should go to the hospital for breast cancer screening regularly to help early detection and early treatment, and stabilize the condition at the best time.

Those things about women’s breasts shared so much today.Everyone has any doubts about the breasts, and welcome to ask questions in the comment area.

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