Three changes after pregnancy, how many of you?The third one is very happy

Wen 丨 Jingma said, original content.

Pregnant women are in a group of special care, whether they are at home or society.After pregnancy, women will change a lot, physical changes are the greatest, and their psychological and personality changes are also changed. These changes will make the "process of transforming into a mother" very hard, but fortunately, there are places to be relieved.It will become the focus of the whole family, focusing on the object of protection, and is spoiled like the queen.

The aunt was just pregnant recently. She went to see her yesterday and asked her if she felt anything now. She said that she felt very sleepy. The belly felt a little bit swollen.It’s okay.

After pregnancy, these are normal early pregnancy reactions, but because each female constitution is different, the early pregnancy reactions may also be different. Some women’s response is relatively light and does not affect normal life, but it is also very serious.Lying on the bed, I can’t do anything. I am this type. The first three months of pregnancy are lying on the bed.

Generally after pregnancy, women will have obvious changes in physical aspects. To sum up, mainly the following:

1. Stop menopause and various early pregnancy reactions;

2. The belly gradually becomes larger;

3. Second development of breasts;

4. Constipation, insomnia, and edema will become more and more serious with the increase of gestational weeks;

5. Fetal movement starts at about 20 weeks of pregnancy;

6. The skin will also change, maybe acne, spots, black lines appear in the belly, and long stretch marks.

I remember that the colleagues next door were the type of female man and were very careless, but since the pregnancy, the personality changes are particularly obvious. Many feelings, like Lin Daiyu, can wipe the tears in depression when I see a child falling. It feels that it has changed completely.Personally.

Later, we chatted, and colleagues were gossip and discussed this. I told them "because of pregnancy."

After pregnancy, due to the changes in hormones, expectant mothers will change their mood, become sentimental, love more, love to cry, etc. This is a normal reaction during pregnancy. The expectant mothers must self -regulate themselves. In addition, Family, colleagues, and friends should understand them more and take good care of the mothers’ emotions.

The girlfriend is a foreigner and her husband is from Beijing. He usually chats. He always feels that her status at home is not good. With her mother -in -law, she has to coax her mother -in -law. She went back to class the last day.The company organized to travel because her mother -in -law had a cold in those days, and she didn’t let her go.

But since she was pregnant, not only her mother -in -law, everyone in the family seemed to have changed her personal. Even relatives seemed to be very kissed. They came to ask for warmth. They also asked all kinds of instructions to lie down and do not work.She used to take care of her mother -in -law before, and now she is in turn. The mother -in -law not only cooks for her and buy all kinds of expensive fruits. As soon as she goes home, she let her lie down. The fruit is followed by her, and she feeds himself.

Yesterday I chatted with me and said that I hope time will be fixed, I have been pregnant, and I will enjoy the treatment that I have never had before.

Pregnancy and having children are great events. Many families attach great importance to it. It is appropriate to use it here for "mother -in -law". From the moment of finding pregnancy, instantly transformed into "Queen" and enjoyed the 10 -month queen.Treatment has become the object of protection of the whole family, and has been taken care of.Expectant mothers should enjoy this time during pregnancy.

Jingma said: Pregnancy is a hard and happy thing. It is also an important turning point for women.Let’s talk about how many unforgettable things have you ever experienced these changes. What unforgettable things have you experienced during pregnancy?

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