Three Chinese medicines, clearing heat and detoxifying, the early fever of the virus, swelling of the throat, and tonsil inflammation

Heating headache, soreness of the whole body, swelling of throat, inflammation of the tonsils, and cough. Are these symptoms similar to the recent A flow? Whether it is the problem of upper respiratory infection caused by viruses or bacteria, Chinese medicine seems to be infringing the human body and sickness.A series of external symptoms showed by evil and human righteousness.


Although traditional Chinese medicine does not have the concept of virus bacteria, Chinese medicine has accumulated rich experience in various epidemic diseases for thousands of years. TCM has referred to this kind of infectious diseases with such infectious diseases with highly unified symptoms of diseases.Epideison.

Daming robbed Wu again

Have you had the embarrassment that can be used without medicine. During this time, Oasis Wei was out of stock, which made many people at a loss. In fact, there are many medicines in the great treasure house of our country.For the high fever, body pain, sore throat, and tonsil inflammation caused by the initial virus, it has a good effect.

What impressed me the most impressed by Banlangen granules was in the elementary school. At that time, the SARS Lantan granules were almost too difficult to find, so that the Banlangen’s drinks could not be bought. From then on, Banlang Gen left a deep impression in my heart.

Banlangen granules clear heat and cool blood, strengthen pharyngeal detoxification, and swelling.It is used for the symptoms of throat and pain, tonsillitis, mumps and other symptoms.

In the early stage of the influenza virus, heating headache, swelling of the throat, inflammation of the tonsils, and soreness of the whole body were symptoms similar to the early stages of the evil of traditional Chinese medicine wind and heat, so it can be used by Banlangen.

Banlangen granules

In addition to Banlang Gen, everyone in Chinese medicine is well known to have antiviral effects. Toldly and silver flowers are used. Golden and silver flowers can be evacuated by evacuation of the wind and heat, but also clear the heat poison.

Silver yellow oral liquid uses honeysuckle as the main ingredient.The first manifestations of wind and heat are also manifested by fever, sore throat, cough, and thirst, similar to the early influenza symptoms, so the silver yellow oral solution can be used as a initial medication to relieve symptoms.


The compound big green leaves are composed of large green leaves, honeysuckle, 羌 live, boxing, and rhubarb.It has the effects of sparse wind and heat, detoxifying and swelling, cooling blood and bile bile.

Viral colds, inflamed colds, tonsil inflammation, mumps, as long as it is caused by wind and heat and heat poison, compound large green leaf agents can also be used.

Big green leaf

Although Chinese medicine has no bacteriography and killing virus in terms of efficacy, the flexible use of traditional Chinese medicine and traditional Chinese medicine, dialectical treatment, and governance of the cause.

The above three medicines can be used as a common medicine in the home, which is used in the early days of the virus cold, which relieves the tension of medication.

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