Three pregnant women can also use natural skin care products, no longer "ugly mothers"

For pregnant women, they need to pay great attention from eating to use.Naturally, the choice of skin care products is also mainly healthy and safe.But most mothers, because they are concerned about the health of the baby in the belly, they will choose not to skin care during pregnancy, making the skin dim and dry.

It is said that poor parents in the world, mothers really paid a lot for their children.As a good girlfriend of the public, in order to allow young expectant mothers to have their own beauty while giving birth to babies, Xiaotang specially recommends some skin care products that pregnant women can also use.

SNP Reservoir Bird Nest Mask

As a cosmetic brand in South Korea, the SNP Reservoir Bird’s Nest Mask is famous in the local area. It will have such a high reputation and its quality is inseparable from its quality: the mask paper of the real silk film, and the full essence. Everyone is the most.The safety of attention is still very secure; the bird’s nest composition contained in the mask can repair damaged cells, supplement the skin’s lack of moisture, and also brighten the skin color.

Mama & kids mild sunscreen lotion

Now in summer, it is definitely inevitable to go out, and sun protection must be done well.As a Japanese national treasure -level maternal and infant laundry products brand, MAMA & KIDS’s mild sunscreen lotion is mainly based on natural plant ingredients, no alcohol, no spice, no addition, and the degree of gentleness can be used by newborn babies; it is because it is naturalThe ingredients can be easily washed without using cleansing oil. The moist and non -greasy lotion texture is also very good.

Clarinus Poem soothing soft skin (orange water)

The characteristics of the brand of Clarins, it is estimated that many of the little fairy who have used it will not be too strange.Many people use the products of Clarins as a skin care product during pregnancy.This is because this brand is mainly based on natural plant ingredients. It is still the unclean and alcoholic component. Naturally, many expectant mothers like it.This Clarinus poetry sooths and soft skin (orange water). It is refreshing to use, absorb the face, is not irritating, and the hydration effect can be used in addition to the use of pregnant women, allergic and mixed muscles.

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