Tong Yangxiang: I am pregnant without a round room but get pregnant

"Lu Hua, come here!" Wu Changshan, the long worker of Wang Huangliang’s family, whispered to Lu Hua, who was drying clothes in the yard.

"Chang Shan, do you call me?" Luhua, a sixteen -year -old, wore a pink top of small floral flowers, sky blue crudely cloth pants, a twist braid over the waist, hearing someone calling her name to cross her head,The bangs that had been drooping with the eyebrows with your hands, watched Wu Changshan asking in doubt.

"Hush …" Wu Changshan made a little voice at Lu Hua, and then signaled that Lu Hua passed him.

Lu Hua flickered his eyes, understanding Wu Changshan’s meaning, and walked lightly.

"Give you this compilation, see if it looks good? I let the craftsman engraved your name on it." Wu Changshan took out one from his arms and passed the compilation wrapped in cloth to Lu Hua.

"Good -looking! It’s really good!" Lu Hua took a look at it, holding the compilation in his palm.

"Tomorrow this time, we will gather here, don’t forget it!" Wu Changshan said to Lu Hua, and he left in a hurry.

Lu Huaxi couldn’t help but put the blend into the clothes, and returned to his post again.

Since Lu Hua was regarded as a "child’s sister -in -law", she was sent to Wang Huangliang’s house. This is a very special gift she received.

The next day, Lu Hua waited with a longing and embarrassed heart, and could meet Wu Changshan again!

"Pap" a small stone, gurgling rolling in front of Lu Hua’s feet.

"Brother Changshan, give you this egg. I sent one of the people in the room at noon today. I am not willing to eat it for you!" After seeing Wu Changshan, I took out one from her arms and brought the remaining temperature.The eggs are handed to Wu Changshan.

"Silly girl, you are growing, you still eat it!" Wu Changshan took the eggs in Luhua’s hand and peeled off and wanted to let Lu Hua eat.

Gradually, Lu Hua had a ignorant attachment to Wu Changshan. She wanted to meet Wu Changshan every day, enjoy Wu Changshan, and care about her carefully!

There is no windy wall in the world. Although Lu Hua and Wu Changshan met each time and chat, they were so cautious, but they were still on Wang Huang Liangfu. The long mouth of her mouth, Liu Grandma Liu, passed into his wife’s ears.

"Master, do you think we are, you should give your eldest son Wang Kui and Lu Hua, choose a good day, and let them round the room?" The wife sat in the hall and discussed the matter with the master Wang Huangliang.

"Madam and wife are not good! When Lu Hua was washing clothes by the river, he kept vomiting. I don’t know if she had a bad stomach!" And Lu Hua’s working girl Ling Er panickedly came to the hall hall., Tell the wife.

"Doctor, how is Lu Hua? Is there a big deal?" The wife sat beside Lu Hua’s bed, and asked anxiously, Chen Dushun, the doctor of Lu Hua’s pulse.

Doctor Chen Dushun didn’t speak, but shook his head gently.

"Doctor, hurry up, what’s wrong with Lu Hua?" The lady saw Dr. Chen Dushun, and the expression on her face was a bit helpless and anxious, urging and asked again.

"Mrs., let’s let people retreat!" Chen Dushun looked at it, and the maid in Luhua House said to his wife.

"Lu Hua, in fact, there is no disease, just …" Chen Dushun said only his wife left in the room, and said vomiting.

"What is it?"

"Lu Hua is like a beautiful pulse!" Chen Dushun said to his wife, saying the cause of Lu Hua.

"What, Lu Hua is pregnant? We haven’t given her and the young master Wang Kui to have a round house!" The lady asked Dr. Chen Dushun.

"Master, this kind of thing is not good!" The wife told the old master Wang Huang Liang who was sitting there.

“””””What are the deepest people who have met the city?”

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