Tong Yu’s mother: Don’t just know that eating folic acid, mothers should make up for these 丨 Tongxinwu Yuexun

As the saying goes: "One person eats, two people make up." During the pregnancy, many families were afraid of losing the baby in the belly, and it would make the mother eat all kinds of things to make up for it. Do you use it? Anyway, the weight is soaring!

In fact, excessive weight gain during pregnancy will not only increase the risks such as diabetes, hypertension, and difficulty in gestational diabetes during pregnant women, but also cause uneven nutrition of newborns, and even cause hidden health hazards in adults.

So, how should we scientifically supplement nutrition during pregnancy?How to eat long fetus and not meat?In this issue, Tong Yu’s mother will talk to you about this topic!

1. Nutritional needs during pregnancy

During pregnancy, at different stages, the nutrition that needs to be added is different:

1. Early pregnancy (0 ~ March):

The demand for folic acid, calcium, iron, copper, zinc, VB12, pantothenic acid, and VB6 has increased significantly;

2. In the middle and late pregnancy (April to September):

Pay attention to increase the intake of high -quality protein, VB1, VB2, VC and VA.

In the third trimester, calcium supplements need to be increased to prevent the occurrence of back pain and leg cramps.

3. Breastfeeding:

Pay attention to the intake of copper, VE, VA, VC.

Tong Yu’s mother reminds that the principle of nutrition during pregnancy is: comprehensive, balanced, and sufficient.

Second, the main points of nutritional supplementation

1. Protein

In the middle of pregnancy: about 50g/day of beans and soybean products; 100-150g/day of meat, poultry eggs and fish; 1-2 times/week of edible animal liver or blood; 220ml/day of milk or soy milk.

III: Add a glass of milk or soy milk on the basis of the second trimester.

2. Folic acid

It can prevent fetal nerve tube deformities. Active intake before and after pregnancy can reduce the incidence of NTD by 85%. Therefore, from the beginning of pregnancy, continuous intake must be continuously intake.

Food source: liver, seaweed, green leafy vegetables, beans, fruits;

Supplement time: plan to start 3 months before pregnancy;

Supplementary amount: Women during pregnancy need about 400 ~ 800 micrograms per day.

3. Calcium

It is the most important nutritional element that needs to be supplemented during pregnancy:

800 mg/day in the early pregnancy (less than 14 weeks of pregnancy);

In the middle and late pregnancy (after the 14th weeks) and the breastfeeding period of 1,000 mg/day.

Tong Yu’s mother reminds: to obtain sufficient calcium from foods rich in calcium; when you take insufficient diet, you can use other ways to supplement.

Third, the weight index during pregnancy

Excessive weight growth or too little weight during pregnancy and pregnancy will significantly increase the complications of mother and child, such as diabetes during pregnancy, hypertension during pregnancy, huge children, extension of production procedures, and abnormal placenta function.

Therefore, the recommendation standard for the weight gain during pregnancy during pregnancy is as follows:

Whether for mothers or children, pregnancy is the most important period and the most important stage in life. The various nutritional supplements during pregnancy are not only good for pregnant women’s health, but also very good for baby development.Big benefits!

This is the knowledge sharing of this issue. If you have more monthly, childcare, and postpartum repair of women, you can find the answer in the child’s mother!

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