Too hard!Miao Miao 3 vins, and did not get pregnant during breastfeeding. Zheng Kai was busy flying in Thailand, saying that it is difficult to say a word.

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Miao Miao, Zheng Kai’s wife, the two were not favored by netizens when they got married.

However, recently they came up with a good news, that is, Miao Miao had a third child.

The two have been married for many years, and Miao Miao’s three sons may be rumored to break the outside world that the two have discord.

But when Miao Miao gave birth to a daughter, Zheng Kai said that it was difficult to say. Why is this?

In 1988, Miao Miao was born in an ordinary family in Nanyang, Henan.

However, her growth experience is far from ordinary.

Due to his parents running around day and night, Miao Miao became a left -behind child since he was a child.

Lonely spent many time after school.

The biggest wish in her heart is to want to see that his father and mother are at home after going home from school.

The family was reunited to enjoy dinner together, but this wish has never been realized.

In this lonely and longing environment, Miao Miao discovered the attractiveness of dance to her.

When she was only 6 years old, her parents sent her to study dance.

For Miao Miao, dance has become a light in her life, bringing her endless happiness and comfort.

She expresses the emotions deep in her heart in the language of dance, dances her body, transforms loneliness and desire into beautiful art.

Over time, Miao Miao’s dance talent is gradually discovered and recognized.

At the age of 11, she was successfully admitted to the highly anticipated Middle School affiliated to the Beijing Dance Academy, and began the life of Beidiao.

After the door of the Dance Academy opened, Miao Miao entered a new world, and she began to learn classical dance.

Graduation of the Dance Academy marks the formal enters of Miao Miao into its own stage performance journey.

She did not hesitate to participate in the performance of the stage drama "Liberation", like a free -flying bird, showing her wings high.

This stage play has conducted many tour performances nationwide, and each performance has achieved very good results.

Next, Miao Miao has starred in a series of attractive stage dramas, including "Railway Guerrillas", "Burning Dance Step" and "Sending Army Shoes".

Each performance is the realization of her dance dreams.

On the stage, she showed amazing talents and skills. Her dance is full of tension, and every action exudes a shocking power.

In the process of struggle, Miao Miao’s efforts were recognized.

She won the "Lotus Cup Dance Dance Poetry Performance Silver Award", which is an affirmation and reward for her outstanding stage performance.

This honor is not only a personal recognition of her, but also the encouragement and inspiration of the younger generation of dancers she represents.

Destiny is like a drama director, and sometimes gives people an unexpected joke.

Miao Miao devoted her dancing career, and she has been training hard to present her dancing posture.

However, fate does not seem to stand completely on her side.

Due to long -term severe training, Miao Miao’s body began to send unusual signals, which eventually led to a serious injury.

Her dance career was forced to interrupt, and her dream seemed to be brutally shattered.

Faced with this sudden setback, Miao Miao was deeply thought.

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She began to think about how she should go in the future.

And at her most confused moment, another mysterious man appeared in her life.

The mysterious person saw Miao Miao’s young and beautiful appearance and deep dance skills, giving her a new direction and trying to become an actor.

This suggestion is like a shining light for Miao Miao, which illuminates the path of her forward.

Although she had devoted all enthusiastically into the dance, the world of performing arts seemed to show her the opportunity to show her.

Young, beautiful, and deep dance, these advantages give her the possibility of trying the role of an actor.

Miao Miao decided to accept this new challenge.She embarked on the road of performing arts with a firm step,

Her dance talent and performance of her performance made her invited by some film and television drama works, which made her life more colorful.

In that passionate college era, Miao Miao seized the opportunity to participate in a highly anticipated emotional drama "Who Lie".

She plays the heroine "Yi Chuchu" in the play, a beautiful and generous girl.

With her smart dance and superb acting skills, she interpreted this role to the fullest.

Her beauty is not only reflected in the appearance, but also through the subtle changes between the emotions and expressions in her eyes.

The audience was moved by her pure and real interpretation.

As if she could feel her inner anger and sorrow, she experienced the ups and downs and challenges in the story with her.

The college time opened another vast art door for Miao Miao, giving her the opportunity to enter the stage of movies and TV series.

Subsequently, Miao Miao was fortunate to participate in a bloody spy war drama "Certificate of identity".

In the play, she plays a brave and strong female agent "Qu Si".

This role requires her to show a more resolute and courageous side, she not only needs to use her proficient dance skills.

It also shows the real combat effectiveness.

Miao Miao welcomed the challenge without fear, and she passed violent movements and intense plots.

Bring the audience into a world full of excitement and tension.

Her performance talents have been fully performed in the play. Her body advantages and dance training have won more opportunities to show her unique charm.

In 2017, the highly anticipated film "Fanghua" was filed by the famous director Feng Xiaogang.

When the news of the sea election came out, more than a thousand girls flushed to the audition scene, and the fierceness of role competition was unprecedented.

Feng Xiaogang’s requirements for the heroine are also very harsh. She must be born beautiful and unable to cosmetic surgery.

She also needs to have dance skills, Miao Miao was selected as the members of the Cultural Corps, and she will become the heroine of the entire movie.

The broadcast of "Fanghua" made Miao Miao famous, and her performance talents were perfectly displayed on the screen.

With his outstanding performance in Fanghua, Miao Miao won a series of honors such as the Best Newcomer Award for the 25th Peking University Student Film Festival.

The film made her a new generation of actors overnight, and her name quickly spread throughout the film industry.

03 Born after marriage

Miao Miao, who had a good career, also met Zheng Kai and had a romantic love with him.

Zheng Kai, two years older than Miao Miao, was born in a wealthy family. However, compared with Miao Miao, he seems to have a similar inner essence.

Since his childhood, Zheng Kai has been spending in a full -supported kindergarten, and his heart has eager to look at the warmth of the family.

Despite their superior life and outstanding appearance, Zheng Kai’s peach blossoms are quite good.

According to his friend Du Jiang, he was also known as "the little prince of the nightclub" in school.

However, the only girlfriend that Zheng Kai really acknowledged the only "lady" Cheng Xiaozheng, and the two established a love relationship in 2015.

However, in 2017 when Miao Miao became popular with "Fanghua", they chose to break up because of various contradictions.

Although Zheng Kai and Miao Miao come from different backgrounds, they are both young people who chase their dreams.

Whether it is Miao Miao’s talent in the field of dance or the charm of Zheng Kai in the entertainment industry, they have attracted attention.

However, fate seems to have cast a shadow on their relationship.

Although Zheng Kai’s peach blossoms seemed smooth, the breakup with Cheng Xiaoyi’s breakup revealed the differences and difficulty in reconciling between them.

This breakup also makes people sigh that even people with bright appearance and successful career cannot escape the twists and turns of emotion.

For Zheng Kai and Miao Miao, their emotional experience is as twists and turns as the career path.

Perhaps these setbacks and separations have shaped their more tough and mature personality.

On May 21, 2020, Zheng Kai and Miao Miao received a certificate in a solemn and warm atmosphere and officially announced the news of marriage.

In a photo, they wore a couple outfit with "521", with a bright smile, revealing full of happiness.

On October 22 of the same year, they came up again, announcing the birth of a cute daughter.The arrival of this little angel makes their families more complete and happy.

However, their joy has not stopped here.

On June 1, 2022, they came again with exciting news, and the baby’s second child was born.

A mother -in -law’s mother revealed that Miao Miao gave birth to a third child, her daughter!

The news is amazing that her fertility is even stronger than the wealthy daughter -in -law.

According to a netizen, Miao Miao gave birth to the baby smoothly on June 2.

On the morning of June 5, Zheng Kai and Miao Miao were discharged.

Although Miao Miao has been discharged, the baby is still observing at the hospital, and the specific situation is unclear.

Zheng Kai has always been with Miao Miao to take care of her output.

Although he has been doing low -key, this time is no exception.

Miao Miao gave birth to the second child on June 1 last year.

Pushing back, coupled with the eight months of pregnancy, that is, during the breastfeeding period of Miao Miao.

Although Zheng Kai was very thoughtful, on June 10, he was too late to take care of the Miao seedlings that were still in the rehabilitation period.

Hurrying to the "Run" recording team to Thailand.

In the big photo of Thailand, Zheng Kai’s face was full of joy with a bright smile.

It is conceivable that Miao Miao’s body should not have a big deal.

Zheng Kai flew to Thailand for several days for several days, and during the time when he was not at home.

People in the family will take care of themselves, and they will also take care of Miao Miao. They don’t need Zheng Kai to worry.

However, as netizens said, Zheng Kai bears the life of many people, and the family’s expenses fell on his shoulders.

For the family, although Zheng Kai was distressed by Miao Miao and wanted to accompany her, he still had to work and keep working hard.

Miao Miao desperately gave birth to a baby, bringing happiness and happiness to the family, and Zheng Kai desperately made money.

However, this hard work may cause him to ignore the family needs.

An ordinary family has a child who is exhausted and eager to give up. It is conceivable how huge the hard work and effort of Miao Miao is.

At the same time, Zheng Kai may sacrifice his time and rest for his family.

Their lives are full of challenges and pressure, but they are full of love and happiness.

They work hard in their own way, fighting for the happiness of the family.

Although Miao Miao’s childhood did not get the warmth of the family.

But after marrying, she can form a happy family by herself.

I hope that the couple Miao Miao can be smooth in both career and family.

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