Top 10 taboos during pregnancy, if you want a healthy baby, you must know

Many families in the past, including many parents, believed that pregnancy and children had a woman, which had nothing to do with many men.Especially the problem of "born children", many people also think that this is a woman’s problem.Is it really the truth?actually not.

During pregnancy, not only women should pay attention to problems in all aspects, but men should also pay attention to some issues.During pregnancy, if men and women do very well, then the chances of their high -quality children are very high, and they are also very good for their future children’s intelligence and healthy bodies.From the perspective of the medical community, there are ten taboos during pregnancy. Do you know which more?If you want to know, come in and take a look.

First, if you want high -quality children, you should pay attention not to get pregnant in very hot summer or very cold winter.Because in the early stages of pregnancy, the fetal cerebral cortex was initially formed. If the fetal brain develops normally, it is best to choose to get pregnant in a suitable season and suitable temperature.

If the weather is too hot, this will affect the appetite of pregnant women, which will lead to a decrease in protein intake of pregnant women, and further affects the development of the fetus’s brain.If the weather is relatively cold, pregnant women usually move in the room, and the fresh air absorbed will be relatively small, so some exhaust gas in pregnant women will be difficult to discharge, so that it will easily damage the formation and development of the fetus’s brain.

Second, pregnant women must not smoke and drink during conception.Once this bad habit is developed, it will seriously affect the quality of the fetus, especially the development of intelligence.

Third, men must not let women get pregnant on their way.

Fourth, men must not put too much pressure on women, give women more care, and don’t let her mood too depressed.

Fifth, women should not get pregnant during the period of regeneration.Sixth, women should not get pregnant immediately after premature birth and abortion.

Seventh, women should try not to get pregnant at a relatively high time period, especially women over 35 years old.Because the higher the age of a woman, the more likely it is to have malformed fetuses, the risk is very high.

Eighth, during pregnancy, try to contact some radioactive substances and toxic substances as possible, and try to stain less hair as much as possible.

Ninth, women should maintain a good attitude and pay attention to diet nutrition.

Tenth, we must do a good job of vaccination.This is not only good for yourself, but also for your baby.

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