Treating constipation to eat bananas, but sent yourself into the emergency room!These people have no taboos to eat fruits

Many people think that eating more fruits is definitely good for health.In fact, some fruits cannot be eaten randomly, especially those patients with chronic diseases. Fruits are not good for health.

Suddenly panic and difficulty breathing are related to bananas

According to the Nanjing Morning Post on November 9, Ms. Jin, Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province, suddenly occurred in recent times.After being sent to the hospital urgently, the doctor said that all this was related to her a lot of bananas.

Ms. Jin found kidney dysfunction four years ago. She was diagnosed with the four phase of chronic kidney disease. She usually insisted on taking medicine.

Recently, due to the constipation of Qiutan, Ms. Jin eats four or five bananas every day.A week ago, she suddenly had symptoms of urine, panic, and mild headache. After a few days, her chest tightness became more serious. The family hurriedly sent her to Jiangsu Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital for treatment.

Doctors judge that this is the symptoms caused by hyperkalemia.If you do not go to the doctor in time, you may cause cardiac arrest at any time, which is dangerous.Medical staff emerged for treatment, and the patient’s condition gradually stabilized.

Although suffering from chronic diseases, how can it suddenly occur well?

In an interview with the Nanjing Morning Post, any of the adoption of the nephrine of Jiangsu Province said that it is likely to be related to eating a lot of bananas in a short time."Bananas belong to foods with high potassium. Normal people will have four or five roots a day. There is no problem, but Ms. Jin’s renal dysfunction has entered a stage IV IV of chronic kidney disease.Eating a large amount of bananas in the inside, potassium ions cannot be discharged smoothly, which leads to the occurrence of hypertropathy. "①

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Notice!There are taboos to eat fruits

In addition to bananas, you should pay attention to several kinds of fruits.

1. Children cannot eat litchi a lot

Wang Yumei, director of the Department of Nutrition of the First Affiliated Hospital of Tsinghua University, said in an interview with Health Times in 2017 that the sugar content of fresh litchi itself is very high, and children are not suitable for eating more. It is not only easy to obese.It is easy to cause sudden hypoglycemia, and symptoms such as dizziness, sweating, pale, fatigue, panic, thirst, hunger and other symptoms, severe convulsions or coma. This is litchi disease.

If these symptoms occur, you should stop eating lychee in time and drink some sugar water for a while to relieve. If the symptoms are serious, it is recommended to go to the hospital for symptomatic treatment.②

2. Do not eat caramblanten with patients with kidney disease

Zhang Yimin, deputy chief physician of the 6th Hospital of Zhongshan University in Guangdong Province, reminded the 2018 Health Times and magazines that cannate is the nemese patient nemesis.

At present, after the healthy people are consumed, this suspicious water -soluble toxin is discharged smoothly, and the waves are uncomfortable.However, patients with incomplete renal function, especially patients with peritoneal dialysis or hemodialysis, this toxin accumulation will not only cause damage to glomerular capillaries, damage to the foot of epithelial cells, cause hematuria, but also cause the body to produce the body.Serial abnormal reaction.

Patients with kidney disease, or those who have suffered from kidney disease, do not eat cannibalism. Patients with kidney transplantation, or patients with renal failure are hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis. Cafe and cannedacari and canned canned can not touch it.③

3. Patients with hypertension should be careful of grapefruit

Han Pan, a pharmacist from the Ministry of Pharmacy of Wuhan Central Hospital of Hubei Province, pointed out in the Health Times in 2016 that patients with hypertension patients should eat grapefruit during oral antihypertensive drugs.

Grapefruit has a significant role in oral preparations of non -Luo Di, Nifine, Nica Horizon, and Nimo Horizontal Horizon. It can increase its blood concentration to varying degrees. Eating too much grapefruit can cause hypotonic symptoms such as dizziness.④

4. Eat kiwi less indigestion and less digestion

The national second -level public nutritionist Chen Shanni said in a healthy period in 2014 that the nutritional value of kiwi is extremely high, and its vitamin C content is very high. However, when digestion, it is best to eat less kiwi.

After eating kiwi, how do I get astringent in my tongue?If you feel this, it means that the rich protein in kiwi has decomposed the protein of your tongue and oral mucosa.In addition to causing such discomfort, the protease and oxalic acid in kiwi can also stimulate the digestive tract. If you eat kiwi during indigestion or diarrhea, it is not good for recovery.⑤

5. Eat pineapple and mango with caution of allergies

Li Yajie, a doctor of the Allergenia Examination at Heilongjiang University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said in an interview with the New Evening News in 2015 that in the outpatient clinic, there are not a few patients with pruritus and redness of redness caused by pineapple.There are also many patients with allergies.

The general symptoms of fruit allergies include tingling, itchy mouth, redness of lips and oral mucosa, severe skin allergic symptoms or asthma, and even suffocating throat edema, allergic shock, etc.⑥

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