Treating the method of abortion of cows and their tire preservation (above)

During the breeding process of beef cattle, cow abortion will bring serious economic losses to beef cattle breeding.There are many factors that cause abortion of pregnant cows, including nutritional deficiency, mechanical injury, stress abortion, hormone disorders, spontaneous abortion, and drug effects.During the management of beef cattle breeding management, we must do a good job of tire preservation of pregnant cows to prevent the occurrence of cows.

1. The cause of the abortion of pregnant cows

1. Nutrition factors.The lack of nutritional or uneven is the main cause of the abortion of the cows of pregnant cows. The extension of the breeding management, the feed for the supply of cows is too single, which often leads to the lack of a certain nutrients or intake nutritional imbalance, which causes the mother to motherCattle’s weakness and weight loss decreased.As a result, the fetus cannot obtain sufficient nutrition to meet the needs of their growth and development.In addition, cow di lacks vitamins, such as vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin D, and lack of trace elements, such as calcium, phosphorus, iron, cobalt, etc., which will not only hinder the development of the fetus, but also cause the genital organ disease orHormone secretion -related disorders related to reproductive cause miscarriage.

2. Mechanical injury.In the process of breeding and management of beef cattle, such as exercise and grazing activities, or the cows are crowded, it is very likely that crowded, falling, slipping, sudden stunning, or fighting between cattle groups. These extremelyIt is easy to cause mechanical damage to pregnant cows and abortion.

3. Stress.When the environmental temperature is too high, the cows will have armal stress, and showing loss of appetite and accelerating breathing frequency. This is the main reason for the high abortion rate of summer cows.At this time, the uterine reflex contraction will cause abortion.Drinking ice water or cold belly can cause miscarriage.

4. Breeding management.Due to the inadequate feed management, such as the improper storage of the feed, the feed is moldy. After feeding the pregnancy cow, mold toxins will cause a toxic effect on the embryo and cause abortion.Feeding pregnant cow frozen frozen feed, drinking cold water or water with ice residue can cause the sudden abnormal contraction of the cow cow, causing miscarriage.Eating various poisoning substances during grazing causes miscarriage.Or the cows are too rude during exercise, so that pregnant cows go up and down, and walk on the slide, which can easily lead to abortion.

5, hormone secretion disorders.In the entire pregnancy period, the common effect of progesterone and a certain percentage of estrogen can make uterine proliferation, so as to ensure that the embryo can be colonized and developed normally.E progression can also cause cervical mucus to form uterine plugs, which can effectively prevent abortion. If the secretion of progesterone is reduced, it will cause miscarriage.If the cows of pregnancy cows stop eating, do not go to the slot, and have a bow and waist.There are obvious signs of miscarriage. First of all, what is caused by various reasons is to inject progesterone to protect the fetus.After 2-3 hours after the injection of progesterone, red liquid still flows from the vulva, which proves that the fetus cannot be kept, which will cause abortion.

6. Spontaneous abortion.One of the spontaneous abortion is due to the dysplasia of the fetus or chorionic dysplasia, which makes the fetus from sufficient nutrition, which makes the fetus cannot grow normally and develops normally, which will cause pregnancy to interrupt.The other is due to inflammation of the endometrium. When the fetus gradually grows, the fluff on the choric membrane cannot be combined with the part of the endometrium., Dowry out of the body.

7. Habitat abortion: It is also relatively common. If the uterine or miscarriage appears in the previous child, this child is also prone to habitual abortion.For such pregnancy cows, we have to make preservation work early.For example, to injecting progesterone every 2-3 months, it can also ensure that the levels of progesterone levels in the body play a role in preventing abortion. When abortion occurs again, it is recommended to eliminate it.

8. Drug effect.The use of some treatments and health care drugs can cause abortion of pregnant cows. Some maternal animals use various diseases during pregnancy, such as colds, pneumonia and other antibiotics.The role of drugs, corticosteroids, anesthetics, and uterine contraction drugs can cause miscarriage.In addition, in the early stages of pregnancy or pre -delivery orgasm or vaccine, it is also the main cause of miscarriage.

8. Disease.Diseases are the main causes of abortion of pregnancy cows.Especially when cows suffer from reproductive organs, they can easily cause abortion.After pregnancy cows are invaded by bacteria, fungi, viruses and parasites, they are also prone to abortion.

9. ① Parasitic diseases will compete with the mother’s nutrition with the mother, which will cause fetal development to not be regarded as deformed tires or dead tires or abortion.

② Chi Yu disease (also known as Akaban disease),

It is a infectious disease that occurs mostly in August and September. Mosquito bites are the main ways to spread.Adult cattle and sheep performed obviously. Occasionally, there are problems such as too much amniotic fluid and abnormal fetal position.The main hazard of the disease is that the mother animals will transmit the virus to the abdominal fetus through the blood, causing the fetal limbs to develop inaccurate, and the joints of the joints cannot stand after birth. The so -called deformity tires appear.There will also be cubs with water or congenital brainlessness.

Prevention: The environmental disinfection of the circle, the source of the source (high temperature and acid disinfection are effective) injection of the vaccine (red feathers vaccine)

③ Cycid (Brucelli)

Symptoms: Mother animals have a miscarriage or infertility during the big month, the smell of amniotic fluid and fetal clothing after abortion;

Prevention: Clothing vaccine.

Nearly relative breeding (leading to degeneration, weakness of physical fitness, high incidence of diseases and deformities)

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