Turn over and over and over and wait for dawn?The hardest thing during pregnancy is insomnia. The four tips make you sleep well

Related studies in the "American Obstetrics and Gynecology Magazine" found that the incidence of cesarean section will increase by 4 times at night.

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During pregnancy, the physical experience of pregnant mothers has changed dramatically, and there are many discomfort reactions.

Pregnancy reactions, gastric acid reflux in the middle of pregnancy, and leg cramps in the third trimester of pregnancy. These problems seem to be common, but it affects the diet and rest of the pregnant mother.

Many pregnant mothers have said that since pregnancy, they have long forgotten what the sleeping is, and the night and night are over and over.How to treat the problem of insomnia during pregnancy?Four small tricks you have to sleep well.

Before the pregnancy, Laks was a typical "heartless and lung" personality. She almost stained the pillow when she slept at night. She never worried about her husband’s snoring and would disturb her sleep.

Since the pregnancy, the situation has changed dramatically. Laks can’t sleep well again. When I lay down every night, I feel uncomfortable everywhere, and how to change the posture is useless.

After counting the stars and counting sheep, it was in the middle of the night. Listening to the snoring of the people at the pillow, Laks felt more uncomfortable: Why did you change your physique in pregnancy?

Many pregnant mothers have such troubles. They never stayed up late, but since pregnancy, they can no longer sleep. Why is this?

Can you sleep again if you are pregnant?The important reason is these.

★ Hormone changes are annoying

After pregnancy, the level of hormone levels in expectant mothers is very obvious, especially estrogen and progesterone. Under these two major hormones, the mothers of pregnant mothers have begun to start to show their emotions and psychological sensitivity.It was affected.

★ Legs and feet ca n’t sleep well

The diet survey shows that the average daily calcium intake of pregnant mothers in my country is only 300 ~ 400mg, which is far lower than the 1000mg of calcium intake standards recommended by the "Resident Dietary Guidelines".

During pregnancy, calcium deficiency, leg cramps, this problem makes many pregnant mothers awaken from sleep, and it becomes very difficult to fall asleep again.

★ Night -wake -up urine is frequent

After entering the late pregnancy, the gradually exaggerated uterus will compress the surrounding gastrointestinal and affect the peristalsis of the stomach. At the same time, it will also compress the bladder, leading to the decline in the reserves of the bladder. The frequent urination of the pregnant mother at night will also affect sleep.

If the pregnant mother can’t sleep well, the baby will be difficult to grow up. If you want to sleep comfortably, you will teach you these four methods.When I was Huai Erbao, these methods were tried to try to be on the Bailing.

1) Frequent small snacks at home

Morning vomiting is a big problem that plagues the pregnant mothers. Every morning, the alarm clock has not sounded. The pregnant mother is made by the uncomfortable nausea.

Prepare some all -wheat bread, coarse grain biscuits, etc. in the bed. Eat a little bit in the morning, neutralize gastric acid, can alleviate the discomfort in the stomach and let the pregnant mother sleep comfortably.

2) The bedside cushion high -governance reflux

The gastric acid reflux in the middle of pregnancy is also a big problem that affects the sleeping mother’s sleep. Properly heights the bedside to be 15 ° ~ 20 °, so that the upper body of the pregnant mother can be lifted.

3) Calcium massage does not cramp

The "Dietary Guidelines for Residents" suggested that pregnant mothers in early pregnancy consume 800 mg of calcium daily, and pregnant mothers in the middle and late pregnancy consume 1000mg of calcium daily.

To ensure that milk intake of no less than 400 ~ 550ml a day can achieve half of the calcium demand. The remaining part is recommended to obtain from foods such as soy products, green vegetables.In addition, lean meat is also the source of high -quality calcium.

4) Sleep on the left is more comfortable

Because about 90%of the pregnant mothers have the right rotation of the uterus, it is generally recommended that pregnant mothers take a posture of sleeping on the left.

A few pregnant mothers belong to the uterine left rotation, so sleeping on the right side will be more comfortable. In this case, the pregnant mother adjusts according to her own situation. There is no need to completely keep the rules of sleeping on the left.

▼ Note:

The side sleep here is not an absolute side of 90 °. It is recommended that the tilt angle is 15 ° ~ 30 °, and the specific subjective feelings of the pregnant mother should be accurate.

There is also a "little fairy" that disrupts the sleeping mother’s sleep, which is the problem of many dreams. Almost every pregnant mother has done "fetal dreams". The scenes in the dream are always nihile, making the pregnant mothers feel unable to touch it.

On the one hand, the baby dream is related to the changes in hormones during pregnancy, and on the other hand, it is also related to the nervous nerves of pregnant mothers. It has to be acknowledged that frequent fetal dreams will indeed affect the rest of the pregnant mother.

Pregnant mothers can try to drink milk, soak their feet in warm water, appropriate activities, etc. before going to bed to release tension and improve sleep quality and time.

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