Two years of salty in my mouth, all kidney deficiency caused trouble!

In fact, there is odor in the mouth, which is very common.Some people are suffering, and some people always sour.Some people have salty mouth.In real life, it is not difficult to see such people.

By the way, there is such a male, 52 years old.Starting almost two years ago, he felt that his mouth was always salty.This symptom is light and heavy, but in recent times, it has been worsening, so that everything is salty, it seems that there are always salty salt in the mouth.

Lively land

Traditional Chinese medicine diagnosis, seeing the pulse, thin tongue, thin tongue, self -described dry throat and dry lips, yellow urine, and sleeping at night, but there is slight night sweats, and I feel irritable.

The doctor feels that all this is caused by the lack of kidney yin.So, I wrote a compatibility: raw land, yam, dogwood, Poria, diarrhea, Danpi, maternal mother, salt pornographic cypress, five flavor seeds, Achuida, decoction.

As a result, after just two doses, the salty taste disappeared in the mouth and meals as usual.

Patients feel incredible.In fact, from the perspective of pedestrians in Chinese medicine, there is no mysteries here.


You remember that if you have a salty taste in your mouth, you must consider whether the kidney yin is insufficient and the kidney qi is caused.The Tibetan image theory of Chinese medicine believes that the kidney is salty.When a person’s kidney qi is insufficient, the smell of the kidney will float in the mouth, making us salty.Of course, not all people with kidney deficiency.

This patient is obvious that after people reach middle age, the kidney essence is insufficient, the kidney yin deficiency, and the taste of the kidney is generally popular.How do you know the lack of kidney yin?You see, he is irritable, slightly night sweats, the number of pulses, and red tongue.At this time, you must nourish the kidney yin and clear the heat.

The compatibility in the article is practical is Zhibai Dihuang Pills addition and subtraction.Generally speaking, raw land, yam, flowers, and pork flavor seeds to nourish kidney yin and convergence fluid.The salty taste in the mouth leads.


According to this law, Chinese medicine summarizes, salty in the mouth, and disease in the kidneys.In other words, this understanding is based on practical experience.

Source: "Chinese Medicine Sea", "Basic Theory of Chinese Medicine", "Tibetan Elephant of Chinese Medicine"

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