Unexpected pregnancy, how to choose from the flow of people!

During the outpatient clinic, women who often encounter unexpected pregnancy want to terminate pregnancy. What everyone asks most often is, "Do you choose whether to choose people or medicine?"

As a doctor, it is definitely that "it is better not to have a good abortion", but when you are not having to choose to terminate your pregnancy, then as a doctor, you will definitely choose a suitable solution for you as much as possible.

Both drug flow and abortion are commonly used ways of abortion, but there are certain differences between the two, and the indications are different

Medicine flow

The drug flow refers to a healthy woman who is aged 18-40, menstruation ≤ 49 days, or women who are aged 18-40, menopause ≤ 49 days, or women with malformations of reproductive organs and extreme uterus.

Women with the following situations cannot use drug abortion:

1. Diabetes, hypertension, hypotension, asthma, glaucoma and other diseases, or endocrine diseases such as adrenal glands, thyroid, liver and kidney function, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease

2. Allergic constitution, pregnancy vomiting

3. Anemia

4. Bringing pregnancy

5. Ectopic pregnancy or Portal fetus

6. Smoking more than 10/day or alcoholism

7. Patients with long -term business travels, staying far away from medical units, and unable to follow up in time.

For patients who voluntarily choose drug abortion, doctors must first ask the medical history, conduct medical examinations and gynecological examinations, and initially screen for a suitable drug and abortion. Next, the test is performed. For patients who pass the examination, the doctor can inform the advantages and disadvantages of the doctor and recruit the pros and cons.You have to agree to fill in the record, formulate a medication plan, and inform the clinic date and precautions.

The amount of bleeding from patients with drug abortion may have a large amount, and abdominal pain is more obvious. If the fetal sac is not discharged, the drug loss is confirmed according to the clinical symptoms and ultrasonic examination, and the pregnancy must be suspended.Many, ultrasound examination, blood HCG examination diagnosis of incomplete abortion, will also perform clear palace surgery as appropriate.


The flow of people refers to those who are suitable for artificial flow in the general anesthesia, which is suitable for those who need to terminate pregnancy within 10 weeks of pregnancy without contraindications, or those who should not continue pregnancy due to certain diseases.

When the acute phase of the disease, the acute inflammation of the genitals, and the poor systemic conditions cannot withstand surgery, we cannot choose the flow of people.

In addition, if the body temperature is above 37.5 ° C within 24 hours before surgery, surgery needs to be suspended.

Well, you love the person you love!

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