Unhappy!Due to the abort of public officials due to the pregnant woman moved by the car: the other party has to compensate

Ms. Liu posted on the Internet on June 20 to ask for help. In March, she and her husband conflicted with a husband and wife of a local public officials downstairs. During the conflict, both parties moved. As a result, only her husband was detained. She was detained. She was detained. She was detained. She was detained.The child was aborted by the other party, but the result was to be claimed?Ms. Liu, who does not know where to be reasonable, can only ask for the power of the Internet.

The specific situation happened on March 20. Ms. Liu and her husband met a middle -aged husband and wife downstairs. The other party obviously came to them, but they did not know each other at all. The other party asked whether the two were residents or tenants.Intersection

Looking at the bad appearance of the coming, Ms. Liu politely told the other party that she was the tenant here. I did not expect that she angered the other party, and immediately scolded and grinned.

This pair of men and women, who seemed to be fifty -year -old, was very impressive, and she was stunned in her mouth. Why did Ms. Liu not move their cars before?

As soon as the other party said that the car was moved, Ms. Liu remembered. Before the family was in the field, there was a phone call to make the car move, but Ms. Liu also told the other party on the phone that her car and other people’s people’s car and other people’s’sThe cars are parked together and do not affect travel.

At this time, Ms. Liu was still calmly told the man, because it wasn’t the man herself, did it be the wrong words in the middle?

As soon as the words fell, the woman on the side pulled Ms. Liu with a slap. Ms. Liu’s husband was unhappy, stood up to maintain her wife, and told the two of Ms. Liu during pregnancy.

Originally a small problem, from this slap to become a sword -pulling crossbow. The two men started to push the first, and the middle -aged woman on the side was not willing to show weakness.Squeezing, Ms. Liu, who was just pregnant, had a fetus with her fetal heart, and she burst into force to press the middle -aged woman under her.

Seeing that he couldn’t beat each other, the middle -aged man let go of Ms. Liu’s husband first. Ms. Liu also put the middle -aged woman in hand and let them run away. Ms. Liu reported the police as soon as possible.

Unexpectedly, there were five or six people who came back and forth with the police, and the middle -aged men and women shouted five or six people. It turned out that they just went to call the helper, but when they saw the police present, they immediately counseled and turned away.

Ms. Liu and the police explained the situation and informed her stomach pain that she needed to be sent to the hospital urgently.

After admission, the fetus was still not kept after emergency fetal preservation measures. It was a dangerous period for more than a month during pregnancy. At that time, the opponent’s knee was under her belly, and Ms. Liu realized that it was not good.Essence

What Ms. Liu didn’t expect that she didn’t want to find the other party’s trouble. The other party came to the door first.

The middle -aged man said that Ms. Liu’s husband folded his nose bridge and asked to report to the police.Ask Ms. Liu for compensation.

This is where Ms. Liu thinks the most outrageous place. The aura abortion she was beaten. The medical record clearly wrote about the abortion caused by external forces. She did not ask the other party to claim. Instead, the other party came to her to compensate?

Ms. Liu, who was determined to protect her, consulted the police and learned that she needed to do an embryonic identification first, proving that she had to be beaten because of the abortion. This process needs to retain the placenta of abortion.

However, Ms. Liu had no relevant experience and no one told her, so the placenta was processed after abortion, and she did not stay. There was no way to do the appraisal in the police.

Things have been in a dilemma. Under the contact with the police and both parties, they want to let Ms. Liu and middle -aged men and women meet, and communicate with each other.

Under the mediation of the police station on May 31, the middle -aged woman brought her son. The middle -aged man never appeared. During the communication between the two parties, the middle -aged woman insisted on not making any concessions and asked Ms. Liu to compensate for compensation.Otherwise, let her husband go to jail.

Seeing that the other party was arrogant, she could not issue a proof of appraisal required by the police that Ms. Liu could only release things to the Internet for help.

According to her, this pair of middle -aged men and women are still public officials, namely the local power industry bureau and the salt industry bureau. As public officials, because a small car movement is beaten, it is obviously fighting each other.Ms. Liu’s husband had been detention and paid the price. The middle -aged husband and wife had to compensate for compensation. Regardless of the miscarriage of Ms. Liu, all kinds of details ignited the anger of netizens.

Although Ms. Liu did not retain the placenta for embryo identification, the middle -aged woman admitted that she was moved first before the police. The four people’s confession was consistent, and the diagnosis certificate clearly wrote that Ms. Liu was aborted due to trauma.

On June 20, after the incident was circulating on the Internet, some news media wanted to find relevant local departments to understand the situation. The Propaganda Department of the Salt Industry Bureau, the Electricity Bureau, the Public Security Bureau, and the County Party Committee were all in a state of kicking the ball.

The Public Security Bureau said that it was necessary to report to the Propaganda Department before they could answer. The Propaganda Department said that they were still understanding the situation. After that, they would not answer the phone. The Electricity Bureau was the same.state.

Is this attitude of doing things really that national units should have?Are they such ambiguous or directly ignoring the outside world?

At the beginning of this incident, it was just a car movement. As the push of the two sides became mutual beating, both sides paid the price. However, only Ms. Liu has taken responsibility so far, and there is an attitude of two people to play the ball. Could it be?Is this where the public officials are superior?

It is hoped that the relevant departments can give a reply as soon as possible to punish those parties to punish them together and bear their respective responsibilities.

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