Unmarried first, the man was unwilling to give a gift before marriage. What should the girl do?Should Caoli want it?

When I was chatting in the group last night, a little sister said that she quarreled with the object. She was in a bad mood and did not eat for a day.Everyone persuaded her to take care of her seven months of pregnancy and not be hungry.But she said fiercely, an attitude that she didn’t want to live, and after listening to her, she knew that it was an unmarried story that was unhappy because of the unpleasant gift.

This girl is very young, and the native family is a male light and girl. She is not very concerned about her. I found her boyfriend who thought of finding a love of life and did not expect to be pregnant.The man’s house was given, but he had no money, so he had been dragging until he was pregnant for seven months.She was worried that the man’s family had deliberately dragged her, and she was worried that if she was not married, she went to the hukou after birth, and she was even more worried about where she could not go, because she had no ability to raise this child at home.

The sisters in the group gave her a lot of ideas, but to be honest, dealing with the determination and courage of the strong men to break their wrists, but unfortunately she did not.I don’t want to discuss the reason why this girl reaches this step. She doesn’t want to blame her, after all, she is the most painful person now.I want to talk about Cai Li, should I do?

Our country is very large, and the customs of different places are different.I now live in Xi’an, and my hometown is in a third -line small county in Shaanxi. We will give color gifts when we get married. Now we are generally about 80,000.I got married in 2016, and the gift was 60,000 and sixteen. At that time, there were not many and many. The two of us were ordinary families. My mother said that the average level was fine. The picture sounds good. My husband did not hesitate.There are any unhappiness in Cai Li.

Should Caoli want it?There is no fixed answer, look at yourself and your family.

I think what the gift is actually important is the man’s attention to the woman, and what the man wants is the sincerity of the man.Marriage is not a matter of two people, but the connection between the two families, so I have to consider the feelings of the parents.There are no gifts for marriage. It is not good to say that it is not good to say that it is not good, so I haven’t thought about it, and I don’t want to persuade my family not to do it.In fact, most of the gifts will be given to their daughters, but many people care about this process. This ritual needs to show the man’s sincerity and reassure the woman.Of course, understanding is mutual, and there is no need to have a lot of gifts.

However, it is normal for someone to get married and do not have a gift. If both families are sincere and frank, they do n’t care about this form, especially girls themselves. They are confident and confident about their own life.The attitude is not completely possible.After marriage, girls will not be aggrieved because they have no gift gifts, and the man will not be proud because there is no gift, and no gift gift will not affect the harmony of the family.

where are you?Do you want to get married there?Do you think you should have a gift to get married?Welcome everyone to discuss together.

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