urgent!Stop eating!Report immediately!Dragon fruit involves dragon fruit inflows!Release notice between the two places

Out of the immune -related dragon fruit flow into Anhui Xiuning issued an emergency tracing notice

On January 12, the Office of the New Crown Pneumonia Institute of New Crown Pneumonia in Huaning County, Huangshan, Anhui issued a notice that the Guilan Fruit Store in Hui Ning County Women’s Street has Vietnamese dragon fruit (positive local nucleic acid testing) purchased from Zhejiang Jinhua.After receiving the notice, Xiuning County has launched an emergency plan.After the flow, the dragon fruit was transported to the Guilan Fruit Store of Women’s Street, Huiing County at 16:00 on January 1, and the sampling of the environment was weak and positive at 20:56 on January 12.As of 23:42 on January 12, all relevant personnel who have been touched by the dragon fruit have all implemented control measures, and the test results of nucleic acid tests are negative.The emergency announcements of the relevant matters are as follows:

Those who have purchased dragon fruit at the Guilan Fruit Store from January 1st to January 12th from January 1st to January 12, please report to the Xiu Ning County Opinion Independent Office at 0559-7512867.Other are willing to inspect the inspection personnel to do a good job of personal protection measures (it is strictly forbidden to take public transportation), go to the nearest medical institution nucleic acid detection and sampling point to receive nucleic acid detection, and do a good job of health monitoring in accordance with the requirements.

Stop eating and avoid contact!Yutai County, Jining, Shandong announced the inflow of the dragon fruit -related dragon fruit in the inflow of the immune -related dragon fruit.The imported dragon fruit imported from Vietnam flows into Yutai County.The imported dragon fruit imported from Vietnam was entered by Huangdao in Qingdao. The positive was detected in Nanjing.After investigating Yutai County, a total of 5 stores have purchased the immune -related dragon fruit, namely: Futai County Lianyou Supermarket Jinxiu Huacheng Store, Yutai County Lianyou Supermarket, Xiaoxianju Store, and Yutai County Lianyou Supermarket Foreign Trade Store, Yutai County Chen Longshui Fruit Store, Wang Hao Store, Yutai Fruit Market.Since January 3rd, those who have purchased dragon fruit -related dragon fruit in the above 5 stores, please stop eating immediately, avoid contact, and report to the townships (streets), villages (communities) or work units in the area of the local area.Two nucleic acid detection (interval 24 hours) was performed to implement the prevention and control measures such as the health monitoring of the 7 Heavenly House.Once symptoms such as fever, dry cough, fatigue, and weakness occur, 120 should be dial immediately, from 120 ambulances (or self -driving) to fixed -point hot kidnaspers, and actively informed the 14 -day event trajectory and contact history.During the medical treatment, please wear a mask all the way, do not take public transport.If the relevant contact situation is concealed and the outbreak spreads, the relevant personnel will be held in accordance with the law.The masses are requested not to create rumors, rumors, rumors, and actively support and cooperate with the epidemic prevention and control work.Actively vaccinate the new crown vaccine, implement personal health protection measures, maintain a safe social distance, and wash your hands, wear masks, often ventilate, do not tie up, and gather less.Yutai County Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters Non-Cold Chain Group: 0537-3321061

Source: CCTV Finance

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