urgent!urgent!urgent!The pregnant woman of Xin Guanye pneumonia produced a child earlier. After 14 days, the good news came …


January 27th,

The Central Theater General Hospital has been treated

A new crown pneumonia that is about to be born is diagnosed with pregnant women,

The condition is very serious.


The medical team competes against time,

Pregnant women successfully gave birth.

Medical staff

Trequently treat and care, carefully care,

The baby is not infected!

The mother’s condition also improved significantly.

Guarding life for 14 days and nights.

This is a relay of love,

It is a battle that creates miracles!

"Strive for the clock, mobilize all forces to save people"

"We have treated a new crown pneumonia diagnosis for pregnant women and asked experts to support the consultation."

On the morning of January 27, the relevant person in charge of the General Hospital of the Central Theater received a call from the second ward area.

At this time, the pregnant woman with 34 weeks and 5 days of pregnancy occurred, had fever, had difficulty breathing, and had a very unstable signs of life. The situation was very critical!

The hospital’s party committee decided to decide: "Return to time, mobilize all forces to save people!"

The first time, experts such as rehabilitation therapy, neonatal department, obstetrics and gynecology department, anesthesiology, infection control department, and the Department of Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Integrated Department started emergency consultation.

The situation of pregnant women is complicated and urgent: if the cesarean section is less than 35 weeks, the surgery may increase the patient’s condition; if the cesarean section is not in time, the patient’s condition may increase, and the production opportunity may be lost …

A battle to guard life began!

"Come, let your mother look at it"

On the afternoon of January 27, the condition of pregnant women suddenly worsened, and the expert group immediately decided: emergency surgery, caesarean section!

How to protect during the operation?

According to the requirements of the new crown pneumonia, the hospital’s infection control section has formulated strict control measures. The obstetrics and gynecology department also urgently formulate a cesarean section plan for pregnant women with the operating room, blood department, Chinese medicine department and other departments.

The disinfection preparation of the negative pressure operating room, the protection preparation of medical staff … the departments immediately responded.

After the infection control expert Jin Guiming and the medical team strictly evaluated, they decided to use ambulance transshipment.

In less than 20 minutes, pregnant women arrived at the operating room.Chen Yan, deputy director of obstetrics and gynecology, began with caesarean section surgery.

This is not an ordinary operation.

Chen Yan is bold.She strongly controls the level of blood vessels in pregnant women, trying to avoid amniotic fluid from entering the mother’s blood circulation, causing secondary infection …

At 19:09 on January 27, as the baby cried,

The first good news came from the operating room: mother and child were safe!

The baby boy weighs about 2.4 kg and belongs to premature babies.

The medical staff called him "Mao Mao".

"Come, let your mother look at it."

When the birthplane hugged Mao Mao to the mother, she was so excited that she cried …

More than an hour later, Mao Mao was sent to the intensive care unit of the infected disease area to quarantine and observed.

At the same time, the mother was sent back to the ward to continue treatment.

"Everything is better than expected"

"Mao Mao must be isolated for 14 days." All the medical staff of neonatal medical care are carried out in accordance with the standards of close contact.

The insulation box, monitoring equipment, ventilator … The hospital quickly opened a baby isolation ward.

That night, Xu Hongtao, a newborn doctor, took the nurses Chen Jie and Chen Yan to stay next to Mao Mao. The injections and infusion were cleaned up to clean the vomit and the respiratory tract for Mao Mao in time, and a nucleic acid test for him overnight …

What is gratifying is that Mao Mao’s weight has increased to 2.9 kg.Up to now, Mao Mao’s nucleic acid testing has been negative for 2 consecutive times.

"The virus is ruthless, there is love in the world."

Nie Guoming, director of the freshman department, said that Mao Mao was lucky and passed the breath, nutrition, body temperature, and infection. Now his physiological indicators are normal and can be discharged soon.

The 14 days and nights of "love’s relay", the good news one after another -after careful treatment, the Mao Mao mother cough and sputum were significantly reduced, the blood oxygen saturation was 100%, the cardiopulmonary auscultation had no abnormalities, and the condition improved every day.

"Everything is better than expected." The hospital leader told reporters happily, I believe that the mother and son can be discharged soon after.

Source: Chutian Metropolis Daily

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