US media: The U.S. government said that inflation is alleviating, the people have no sense, and they are still miserable.

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China Daily, July 13th (Party Super Peak) The US News today reported on the 12th that although the June consumer price index released by the US Labor Statistics on the 12th shows that the overall inflation rate in June slowed to 3%EssenceCompared with a year ago, this is a significant decline.But after two years of historic price rise, it is obviously not enough for many consumers, and inflation still plagues the American people.

Product designer Elizabeth (picture source: American News today) website)

Product designer Elizabeth, a product designer from Auckland, California, said: "I feel that everything is very high, this is what I care about most now." "My house’s water fee is higher than a year ago.Both things spent more than 100 dollars. So, I can’t see any difference. "

Elizabeth said that she has been legging belt a year ago, which means that they do not go out with friends twice and drink twice a week, so that she saves more than 100 US dollars.Now she does more entertainment activities at home.She originally thought that this would be a temporary solution, and now it seems normal.

She said: "I bought some beer and food in the store, and cooking for my friends. I have always been frugal, but now I am more careful."

Software engineer Matthew (picture source: American News today) website)

25 -year -old Matthew from New York is a software engineer of a bank.Matthew hopes to live in a place not far from Manhattan, but he no longer considers Brooklyn.Last month, he abandoned the apartment leased with his friends in Brooklyn, because the rent rose from $ 5,100 to $ 6,300, an increase of 23%.

He said: "In Brooklyn, the rent is high, so I look for a house in the suburbs of Southern Blanx or the long time of Long Island (Queen’s District)."

After two weeks of vacation in Europe, he decided to move to the Blanx District to live with his family.

On the afternoon of the 12th, the 35 -year -old Lin Youyou led a tour group to rest in the Hudson City Plaza.In the past 10 years, she has lived in Flushing, Queens, and the rent has remained high.In March of this year, her landlord raised the rent by 10%.Now, she and her husband co -rent a two -bedroom apartment with a rent of $ 2,625 and a parking fee of $ 300."Although we have always been a very good tenant, the landlords continue to raise rent." Lin Youyou said.

Lin Youyou hopes to buy an apartment in the cooperative apartment building.However, given the interest rate of mortgage loans to more than 7%, and house prices have not really changed, she believes that this wish will not be realized in the short term.In addition, she can’t save much.Lin Youyou said: "In the past, when we went to the good market, if we spent $ 100, we could buy a whole car. Now, the $ 300 is nothing. Since the new crown epidemic, the expenditure has been increasing."

Although inflation data has improved, many Americans may take 6 to 12 months to feel their financial conditions improve.Mark Analytic Mark Zanidi said: "This is just a question of whether a person’s opinion is in line with reality."

Source: Today’s US Newspaper

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