Use tree gum to help her dredge the fallopian tube after successful conception. I feel distressed behind the road of the revival of Chinese medicine

Use tree gum to help her dredge the fallopian tube after successful conception. I feel distressed behind the road of the revival of Chinese medicine

A 26 -year -old young girl came from the clinic that day, and the girl’s mother came together. As soon as she sat down, she said that the girl was not pregnant after two years ago.Worried, want to see if you can condition well, and get pregnant smoothly

When the old man said these, the girl kept watching the window without saying a word, and it looked very reluctant.

Looking at the angiography, she is blocked by the left fallopian tube, and the right fallopian tube is not allowed to be unpleasant.

After inquiring in detail, I learned that the girl had had a tubal dredging surgery before, but it was not successfully conceived and the fallopian tube blockage was detected.

"The advantage of tubal dredging surgery is that the dredging of surgery is fast, but after all, surgery is dredged, so the problem of fallopian tube blockage is not solved from the root, and there will be a problem of repeated losses or even water in the fallopian tube."

The old man was excited when he heard that "Is there a way to treat Chinese medicine?"

"You can rest assured that traditional Chinese medicine can be treated, and the source is used to regulate it to clear the fallopian tubes."

(traditional Chinese medicine)

Hearing these girls who have been silent suddenly, there are slight disdain. "There is no way to cure Western medicine, can Chinese medicine be okay?"

The old man quickly interrupted her words, "Don’t talk nonsense"

She is emotionally excited. "This is the case, how many scientific basis for Chinese medicine do theoretical support. If Chinese medicine is so powerful, why there are western hospitals everywhere?"

I sighed secretly. From the medicine for more than 20 years, I met many people who did not believe in traditional Chinese medicine. In this way, there were not a few patients who doubted Chinese medicine.People are integrated, and naturally use naturally, many Chinese medicine treatment methods in ancient times, it was not until modern Western medicine to discover its mystery with modern science.

(Chinese medicine)

I didn’t speak, and signaled that she stretched out her arm and looked at her tongue. I looked at her. "Are you delayed menstruation?Cold? There are many leucorrhea, but it is white? "

She was a little surprised. I went on to say, "Your pulse is weak, his tongue is purple, and there is a stasis on the side. In addition, the menstrual and leucorrhea judgments are judged.Later, he was empty, damp and humid internal containing, blood stasis, sputum knot, but not timely treatment.

Seeing her a little doubt, I will continue to say

"I don’t trust Chinese medicine, I can understand, after all, many people have doubts about it before traditional Chinese medicine."

"But you can try Chinese medicine treatment. It doesn’t take long for a long time. I have confidence to condition your problem."

So I opened a prescription for her

Angelica, Sichuan Qiong, Chi Yan, Yuanhu, no medicine, raw puppet yellow, cumin, ginger, cinnamon, decoction, one dose daily, this prescription can promote blood blood blood stasis, dispel cold and relieve pain.Symptom

After seeing the prescription, she laughed a little "No medicine? And such a strange name"

I went back to her "No medicine is a tree gum in a foreign area without medicine.

She looked up at me, doubtful

(Chinese medicine- "No medicine")

A few months later, I received a call from the girl, and she told me that I went to check in the morning and checked that I had successfully conceived. I was very happy to hear the news.

She was a little bit embarrassing, "I didn’t expect Chinese medicine to work so fast, I was too ignorant before"

I laughed "After all, I used Chinese medicine for the first time, I can understand, now people have misunderstand too much about Chinese medicine."

Speaking of this sudden nose tip, I can’t help but think of many people who were misled by some false and negative public opinion because of their strangeness of Chinese medicine. They had many misunderstandings about Chinese medicine.It can be seen that the Western Medicine Clinic Hospital is also squeezing the development space of Chinese medicine step by step

However, the epidemic was obvious to the treatment of Chinese medicine for three years. At this critical moment, the strength proved its own value with strength, and deeply felt that today our country also attaches more importance to the inheritance of Chinese medicine.Be sure

After all, our Chinese medicine culture

It is from the ancestors to taste hundreds of grass and know the medicinal nature.

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