Various "stomach pain" during pregnancy, the mother of pregnancy should pay attention!

Don’t you know that the mother who has been pregnant has had a stomachache during pregnancy?How did you deal with this situation at the time?Is the stomach pain during pregnancy or the disease of the disease?Don’t understand ~ In fact, this phenomenon can be big or small.Let’s take a look at the baby’s stomach pain.

1. Early pregnancy stomach pain:

In the early pregnancy, some stomach pain is physiological, that is, the normal reaction caused by pregnancy, but some are pathological, and may indicate the occurrence of crisis such as abortion. Pregnant mothers should pay attention to distinguish.

1. Physiological stomach pain

In the early pregnancy, many expectant mothers always feel a little stomach pain, and sometimes accompanied by early pregnancy reactions such as vomiting. This is mainly caused by the increase in gastric acid secretion in early pregnancy.At this time, we should pay attention to diet. The diet should be based on the principle of light and easy digestion. Breakfast can eat some grilled buns or soda biscuits.With the end of early pregnancy, discomfort disappears naturally.

2. Pathological stomach pain

In the first few months of pregnancy, if there is a paroxysmal small stomach pain or a regular stomach pain, low back pain, pelvic cavity pain, the problem may be more complicated.If it is accompanied by vaginal bleeding or a significant sense of lower abdomen, it may indicate a threatened abortion.Specific mothers should move less, bed in bed, do not do a house, do not mention heavy objects, and replenish moisture, and go to the doctor in time.If the pain is intensified or continuously bleeding, you need to seek medical treatment immediately.

If a unilateral lower abdomen pain occurs, accompanied by vaginal bleeding or fainting, it may be an ectopic pregnancy, and you should go to the hospital immediately.Some expectant mothers think that stomach pain may occur in the early pregnancy. It doesn’t matter. Just lie in bed and rest.This kind of blindly adopting a bedtime tire is not advisable. It should go to the hospital for treatment in time to avoid delaying the condition.

Second, stomach pain in the middle of pregnancy:

Too too hard when traveling in the second trimester, it will also cause stomach pain in pregnant mothers, just pay attention.

1. Physiological stomach pain

At about 4 months of pregnancy, the uterus increased, while the uterine round ligament was pulled. Many expectant mothers would feel a stomachache.This pain is mostly located on the side or bilateral side of the lower abdomen, which is involved in pain, blunt pain or hidden pain. When taking a long way or changing position, the pain will become more obvious.Don’t worry about expectant mothers, resting more in bed can be relieved.

2. Pathological stomach pain

In the middle of pregnancy, the baby gradually grew up, and the stress in the abdominal cavity of the expectant mothers also rose.If the split hole of the expectant mothers is widened, the esophageal cracked hernia may occur, so stomach hurts.At this time, the stomach pain is mostly accompanied by symptoms such as chest tightness, shortness of breath, chest pain, gastric acid return, and snoring.About 30–50 % of the esophageal hole hernias have an incidence of about 30–50 %, and there are sometimes more obvious symptoms in the third trimester.Therefore, it is recommended that expectant mothers: eat less meals, eat less sweet, too spicy, and too sticky foods; it is not advisable to lie on the bed after meals, and do not lie too low, bend over as little as possibleunobstructed.If you find the symptoms of gastric return flow, you can try to raise the upper body for about 20 °.

Third, the stomach pain in the third trimester:

In the third trimester, as the fetus continued to grow, the abdomen of the expectant mother and the whole body burden gradually increased the closer to the property, and the number of stomach pain would increase significantly compared to the middle of the pregnancy.

1. Physiological stomach pain

As the baby grows up, the expectant mother’s uterus is gradually increasing.The enlarged uterus constantly stimulates the lower edge of the ribs, which can cause dull pain in the ribs of expectant mothers.Generally speaking, this is physiological and does not require special treatment. The left side is conducive to pain relief.

In the third trimester, when the expectant mothers rest at night, they sometimes have lower abdomen pain due to false contractions. Usually it lasts for only a few seconds. The interval time is several hours.

2. Pathological stomach pain

Early peeling of placenta: Most of them occur in the third trimester, and expectant mothers may have pregnancy hypertension syndrome, chronic hypertension, and abdominal trauma.The pain -like pain in the lower abdomen is a typical symptom, accompanied by vaginal bleeding.The degree of stomach pain is affected by comprehensive factors such as the size of the early peeling area, the amount of blood, the height of the internal pressure inside the uterine, and whether the uterine muscle layer is damaged. In severe cases, the stomach pain is unbearable, the abdominal hardened, the fetal movement disappears, and even shock.Therefore, in the third trimester, when the expectant mothers with hypertension or abdomen are traumatized, they should go to the hospital in time to prevent accidents.

If the expectant mother suddenly feels the pain in the lower abdomen, it may be a premature birth or a precursor of the uterus.Go to the hospital for a clinic, do not delay time.

Fourth, the stomach pain in non -pregnancy cause:

Some diseases during pregnancy can also cause stomach pain in expectant mothers, but these diseases are not directly related to pregnancy, such as appendicitis, intestinal obstruction, gallstone and cholecystitis.Because stomach pain during pregnancy is more common, sometimes there is a stomach pain in non -pregnancy cause, which is easily ignored by expectant mothers.

1. Acute appendicitis

It may occur early, middle and late pregnancy.Most people suffer from acute appendicitis. Most abdominal tenderness is in the right lower abdomen, and the pregnant woman has gradually moved upwards due to the increase of the baby’s abdomen due to the increase in the pregnancy month.Specific mothers who have acute appendicitis stomachache generally have a history of chronic appendicitis and accompanied by symptoms such as high body temperature.Because the symptoms will develop more rapidly after appendicitis, they should go to the hospital for treatment in time.

2. Intestinal obstruction

If expectant mothers have undergone abdominal surgery before pregnancy, intestinal adhesion after surgery is often the cause of intestinal obstruction during pregnancy.The lack of typical symptoms of intestinal obstruction in expectant mothers, so once you feel stomach pain and accompanied by vomiting and diarrhea, you should go to the hospital for examination early.

3. Bilestone and cholecystitis

Due to the influence of pregnancy physiological changes, if there are gallstone before pregnancy, a little carelessness will easily lead to gallbladder inflammation.During the inflammation of the gallbladder, abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, fever, and pain will cause or intensify due to diet.Moms should pay attention to chewing slowly. It is not advisable to eat foods with full and less fat content in one meal.

What happened to the pain around the navel of the pregnant woman?Starting from the middle of pregnancy, the fetus will grow quickly and the belly will be opened, so it will feel that there will be pulled around the navel. It is recommended to use moisturizing cream to moisturize the skin on the belly at this time, otherwise it will easily grow.The stretch marks, the pain around the navel of the pregnant woman does not affect the baby in the stomach.

The possibility of pain around the navel of the pregnant woman is: early pregnancy, there will be irregular lower abdomen pain, sometimes there is only one -sided pain, sometimes the whole lower abdominal pain, but it will not be too painful.This is mainly due to the ligament that supports the uterus, because the pregnancy of the pregnant uterus swelling is raised up.No special treatment, as long as you rest, if the pain is severe, or continuous pain instead of occasional pain, you need to go to the obstetrics and gynecology department.

In the end, the baby is reminded that the mother -in -law’s intestinal cramps caused by eating spoiled foods or too cold foods will also make pregnant women feel stomachache. Pregnant mothers during pregnancy should also be more attentive!

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