Various conditions of bleeding during pregnancy

Many women have bleeding after pregnancy, which is worrying.In fact, don’t be afraid. Every ten women will bleed during pregnancy, and most of them are not hindered.Most of the bleeding during pregnancy is safe, but once bleeding, it is best to find a doctor to check it.

Early bleeding

Because the body needs to adapt, the early pregnancy will bleed slightly.Even if you are pregnant, you may still bleed on the usual days when you catch up with the period. This bleeding phenomenon is called "breakthrough bleeding".

"Bed bleeding" also has a chance to happen, which is also a kind of bleeding in the early stages of pregnancy.The embryo will last for a few days during the uterus bed, but this is absolutely harmless.

"Cervical Cervical" will also cause you bleeding. Cervical cells will have a pregnancy effect. Especially after sexual behavior, you may bleed.

Once bleeding, everyone is worried about abortion, but many pregnant women who have bleeding during pregnancy can give birth to healthy babies.

What is abortion bleeding?

There are more bleeding flows caused by miscarriage, or blood clots, and can also be colic.If this happens, find a doctor immediately.Sadly, most of the abortion is difficult to prevent the fetus because of the malformation of the fetus, so it is necessary to check and monitor the health of the fetus regularly.

If pregnant women bleed and feel colic, there is a chance to be a "threatened abortion".Basically, pregnant women take a good rest and observe.If it is really abortion, it won’t be able to control it, even if you rest in bed, it will not help.However, most women can get pregnant normally without abortion after bleeding.

What is ectopic pregnancy?

Extraordinary pregnancy refers to embryos in the fallopian tube. The condition is rare than abortion. About 100 pregnant women have an ectopic pregnancy.If this accident occurs, the embryo will be removed, otherwise pregnant women will be dangerous.

Later bleeding

Bleeding in the late pregnancy is very rare, and cervical abrasions may also bleed.When the due period is getting closer, pregnant women may discharge some mucus and blood.This may be because the body is preparing for production."Placenta front" and "premature placenta" are also the cause of bleeding in the late pregnancy. If the blood is bright red, dark, blood clots, or accompanied by pain, then go to the hospital immediately.

How to find out the reason?

Doctors usually check the level of progesterone with blood tests, and may also perform ultrasonic, pelvic or vaginal examinations to find out the cause of bleeding.

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