Wang Xiaofei tear up the big S "prohibited drugs", but is it not easy to know how much epilepsy during pregnancy is?

A few days ago, there was a big melon!

Wang Xiaofei suddenly broke the news that Da S took a long -term contracted drug. This operation made the two play a hot search list.

Wang Xiaofei said in the text that during the marriage, he had to pay a monthly payment of NT $ 1 million (about 230,000 yuan).The reason is that Big S uses other people to take the prescription, take prohibited drugs for a long time, and has serious mental problems. Someone needs to be rescued.

Although Wang Xiaofei’s Weibo was quickly deleted, the big S agent immediately stated that "Xi Yuan never did illegal things", "The third child’s third child abortion reduced the workload and stayed at home to take care of the children."

Big S’s mother also cried and cried in an interview. "We are normal families, where are the prohibited products from? Since the birth of her son, Xiyuan has recurred., She has a relaxant of a doctor’s anti -pressure. These two medicines are medicines prescribed by doctors, not prohibited products. "

Who is and who is or not, it is difficult for us to distinguish it as a people who eat melon, but the old smells of epilepsy in the second child of the big S have a second child.There is really no mouth!

Epilepsy is a common neurological disease, with a long course of disease. Patients often need to take medication for a long time to control the seizures.

In the process of pregnancy, childcare women can make epilepsy more frequently and illness due to the severe changes in physiological reactions and hormone levels, as well as external stimuli such as fatigue and tension.According to the literature report, about 30%of pregnant women have increased frequency in the epilepsy during pregnancy, and brought greater risk of adverse consequences such as premature peeling, premature birth, abortion, and low birth weight.

At present, epilepsy depends mainly on drug control. Almost all antiepileptic drugs used clinically can use the placenta barrier.Some anti -epilepsy drugs such as phenobarbad and epilepsy can be accumulated in the fetus, which may increase the risk of various congenital deformities in the fetus.The probability of teratings for single drug treatment during pregnancy is about 3%(about 2%of the normal population), while the multi -drug combined treatment teratogenic rate can be as high as 17%.Therefore, many patients have caused seizures to discontinue drugs or change their dosage and types due to worrying about drug teratogenic effects or changing dosage and types due to their pregnancy preparations and pregnancy.

In addition, pain is also one of the main causes of epilepsy. Whether it is childbirth or abortion, the pain will make the patient highly nervous, cause abnormal discharge of neuroplasia in the brain, cause seizures, and even cause falling bed, uterine perforation, etc.Danger.

Pregnant women with epilepsy have high risk of mothers and infants during pregnancy.Therefore, it is not surprising at all!

Epilepsy itself does not belong to diseases that prohibit pregnancy. At present, the level of diagnosis and treatment of epilepsy is continuously improved. By overcoming psychological anxiety, comprehensive examination and scientific medication, 斱 can effectively control epilepsy, smooth pregnancy, and childbirth.

Women with epilepsy should inform obstetricians in detail before pregnancy and the history of epilepsy and previous seizures and medication. Thoroughly fully understand all possibilities. If necessary, psychological guidance can be performed, psychological anxiety, relieving tension, avoiding adverse irritation and excessive excessive stimulation and excessive stimulation and excessive stimulation and excessive stimuliAnxiety leads to emotional tension, exacerbating the frequency of seizures and aggravating symptoms.

Be sure to start planning for pregnancy after effective control of epilepsy.Because most antiepileptic drugs are taken to affect folic acid metabolism and a significant decrease in serum folic acid levels, women must supplement folic acid every day in 3 months and 3 months before pregnancy, and can also improve their children’s IQ.

After pregnancy, in addition to conventional prenatal examinations, female patients should also regularly diagnose epilepsy.According to the clinical manifestations and electrocardiogram, the dynamic evaluation patients still have seizures and clarify the type of seizure in order to adjust the dose and types of the drug in time.

If there is poor control during pregnancy, it is necessary to consider the reduction of serum drug concentration caused by severe vomiting and insufficient medication in early pregnancy, and adjustment should be adjusted according to the specific conditions of the patient.

The commonly used anti -epilepsy drugs in China include propyrine, phenobarby, phenytoin sodium, Camassi equal traditional antiepileptical drugs, as well as Ramanizine, Zuo Yaracatin, Topemin, Okasipipipin, PipinushaA new generation of anti -epilepsy drugs such as amine, Gaba spraying, is less than that of traditional antiepileptic drugs to fetus.

It is more clear that the treatment of single drugs in early pregnancy can cause abnormalities, congenital heart disease, and cleft lip and palate.During pregnancy, multi -drug combined treatment should be avoided as much as possible.During the 18th to 20th weeks of pregnancy, patients should perform ultrasound examination of the fetus under the guidance of obstetricians, and timely find that the heart, skull facial bone, and neural tube may exist in time.If necessary, slowly increase the dose under the premise of maintaining effective drug activity to avoid the adverse effects of drugs on pregnancy.

When pregnant women take antiepileptic drugs that induce liver enzymes, they may lead to bleeding risk of newborn, which is related to the lack of vitamin K1 during pregnancy during pregnancy.Therefore, the daily vitamin K1 may be required in the last month of pregnancy.

During vaginal delivery, pregnant women must have persistent fetal heart monitoring, and appropriately use painkillers and sedatives; if the duration is too long, fetal hypoxia, abnormal fetal heart, too little amniotic fluid, etc.For mastiffs, the situation should be adopted in a timely manner.

After delivery, breastfeeding can be performed, and taking antiepileptic drugs will not have adverse effects.If you find that the newborn muscle tension is reduced, sucking difficulty, and drowsiness, you can consider applying dairy products.”违 违 违 违 违”

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