Want to have a healthy and smart baby, pregnant women eat more puzzle foods, stay away from these four types of food

During the pregnancy, the nutrition required for the growth and development of the fetal baby comes from the expectant mother. It can be said that what the expectant mother eats and the baby will eat.Therefore, during the whole pregnancy, expectant mothers must pay attention to their own diet, and eat less or not to eat as little food for fetal babies.

Mumu received a call from Xiao Fen, a college classmate early in the morning. It turned out that Xiaofen was pregnant and told her the good news.Xiaofen read books about diet during pregnancy in the past few days, and learned that eating more walnuts for pregnant women is good for the brain development of baby baby.It happened that Mumu’s hometown was rich in walnuts. She wanted her to help buy some walnuts and stock them. During pregnancy, she was a snack during pregnancy. She was ready to have a smart baby.

That’s right, there are many benefits to eating more walnuts during pregnancy.Because walnuts are rich in vitamin E, linolenic acid, and phospholipids, including vitamin E can improve blood circulation and enhance cell vitality. Linety acid can promote the development of the baby’s brain. Phosphorus has the effect of enhancing cell vitality and enhances expectant mothers’The body’s resistance.

Some foods are beneficial to expectant mothers during pregnancy, but it should also be noted that there are some food that will hurt the baby’s brain, and expectant mothers should eat as little as possible.

Try to eat these foods as little as possible

Lead will affect the development of the baby’s brain. If pregnant women consume foods with high aluminum -containing food during pregnancy, it will not only cause the baby to reduce memory after birth, slow response, and even cause the baby’s mental intelligence.Therefore, during pregnancy, foods with high lead and high aluminum content, expectant mothers should not eat it often.For example: pine eggs, popcorn, fritters, oil cakes, etc. These foods contain more aluminum.

Specific mothers should try to avoid foods containing lipids, because peroxide lipids can cause premature brain or dementia, and directly damage the development of the brain. Therefore, expectant mothers should eat less about this kind of food during pregnancy.For example: bacon, smoked fish, etc. In the food that has been fried or exposed to long -term exposure of the oil temperature, it contains more peroxide lipids. Such foods should stay away from expectant mothers.

If expectant mothers often eat MSG during pregnancy, it will easily cause fetal baby deficiency.Zinc is a key element for promoting growth and development. If the baby deficiency is deficient in zinc, it will lead to slow development and affect the development of the baby’s brain quality.Therefore, during pregnancy, expectant mothers should eat as little foods with many MSG. Even if the baby is born, it should be eaten as little as possible during breast milk.

People need salt, adults are below 7 grams a day.Eat too much salty food, the intake of salt exceeds the amount required by people, which will affect the blood supply of the brain tissue.Therefore, expectant mothers should eat less salt food during pregnancy.In our daily lives, foods with more salt, such as pickles, mustard, salted fish, bacon, etc.

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