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Why is it not enough to wash?

That’s because I don’t know how to wash it!

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Doctors’ answers to these five questions!

Is the pussy dirty?Do you need to clean it?Last week, our article helped everyone from a cultural perspective to analyze the reason why everyone was overly cleaned. Today, we invited a doctor to talk to you how to wash the vulva.

The pussy is mysterious and beautiful, and the famous poet Gu Cheng once praised the lover Ying’er:

Her hidden place is presented in front of me, so delicate and full, like museum chrysanthemum patterns, but also gradually becoming sweet and soft like figs, and contains all small seeds in it.

Perfect skin needs to be carefully taken care of, and so is the skin of the genitals.But there are many doubts about the cleaning of vulva: "How to wash it?"

Today, I will summarize a few common problems. You do n’t have to worry about it, you do n’t wash the vulva, and you do n’t need to be nervous and clean from time to time.Your vulva is stronger than you think.

Question one:

Do you feel that you do n’t need to wash your face without cleaning your face. Can you wash it without washing the vulva?Why?

Answer 1:

Do not use soap, washing, lotion, etc. in the vulva.Wash the vulva with warm water and hand.

The skin of the vulva is different from the facial skin exposed to the air, exposed to the substances in various air, and there is no facial sebaceous glands, which is enough to clean water.

And the exposed skin and the vulva epithelium are different, the sewage, friction and permeability of the vulva epithelium.These differences may increase the susceptibility of vulva to local stimuli and allergens.Therefore, the cleaning of vulva skin needs to be particularly pay attention to avoid stimulation.

It’s different from washing your face!

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Question 2:

If you only wash with water, how can you ensure the washing?

Answer 2:

As mentioned above, the vulva skin is sensitive and has less opportunities to contact other "dirty things". The hydrophobic and confinement are worse than the skin exposed in the air. Yin can be self -cleaning through the Yin road secretion without excessive cleaning.Destroy the micro -ring situation on the surface of the Yin Road and the surface of the vulva, and cleaning too many times can easily induce pussy eczema or irritating dermatitis."Water to clear is no fish."

If you have to use substances other than water to clean the vulva, you can choose a mild pH balance cleaner without foam or mild foam.

Just swim in the water!

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Problem three:

Why can’t you wash it in the yin channel and when do you need to irrigate?

Answer 3:

Don’t rinse the yin road, don’t use the yin road washing solution.The Yin road can clean it through the normal Yin trail dwelling, and the above cleaning method may damage the environmental balance of the Yin Road.

Yin Road is a exquisite ecosystem. Usually the Yin road wall is fitted with each other, forming a relatively isolation environment.

The Healthy Yin Road environment is kept between 3.8-4.5. Many bacteria are planted here. "Good Bacteria" Lactobacilla is also an advantageous bacteria. It can produce lactic acid, keep the pH value in the normal range, and inhibit other "bad badgesBacteria "grow.

In other words, the health of Yin Road is maintained by an acidic environment. When the alkaline washing solution and a large amount of water are washing, it will destroy this acidic environment and cause inflammation or infection.

If Yin Dao Yan and Yin Dao Fungus infection can be used to take a bath or apply pharmaceutical drugs according to the doctor’s order, but do not irrigate itself.

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Question 4:

What else do you pay attention to to ensure the cleanliness of the vulva?

Answer 4:

There are many aspects that need to be noticed, such as in terms of clothing:

1. Try to wear white cotton underwear.If the skin is delicate or easy to be stimulated, avoid wearing nylon, acetic acid fiber or other artificial fibers.

2. Avoid wearing thongs.

3. Rinse underwear carefully after washing.Avoid using too much washing powder.

4. Wash the new underwear before wearing it.

5. Wash underwear with mild soap.Avoid the use of fabric soft agents (including desiccants), spice detergent and bleaching agents.

6. Avoid wearing nylon pantyhose or tights.They prevents calories and water dispersal, providing an ideal environment for microorganisms.When you need to wear nylon or tights, please wear cotton underwear, or you can cut off the crotch of pantyhose.

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In addition, you need to pay attention to the lifestyle:

1. Use soft, fragrant, white, chlorine -free toilet paper.

2. Avoid the use of women’s sanitary products that stimulate vulva: non -soft surface (nylon surface) sanitary napkin, deodorant, aromatic essential oil, bubble bath, wet towel.

3. Use sanitary napkin instead of sanitary napkins to control menstrual bleeding.Do not use deodorant cotton strips.

4. Don’t scratch.

5. Avoid contact with chlorine -containing water and avoid swimming in the swimming pool; if you want to swim, use skin creams in the vulva for protection and isolation.

6. Please take off your wet clothes as soon as possible, especially after swimming, and rinse the vulva skin with water.

7. Do not use scraper or hair removal products to handle the vulva area.You can use scissors to trim the pubic hair near the vulva skin, or choose laser hair removal.

There are also precautions for hygiene in sexual life:

1. If you use a lubricant during love, select water -soluble or silicon -based lubricants without adding dyes or spices.

2. contraceptives and condoms may cause stimulation.If you are sensitive or allergic to it, you may consider replacing contraceptive measures.

3. If you use inserted or contact toys, make sure you clean them with mild soap and water after each use and rinse them.

4, saliva and beard may cause stimulation.Do not contact the genitals after contacting the anus.

5. After love and love, be sure to clean the vulva and keep dry.

6. Be sure to empty the bladder after love.It helps to remove bacteria that may enter the urethra and bladder, thereby preventing urinary tract infections.

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Question 5:

Under what circumstances is it easy to cause vulvar or yin infection?What to pay attention to to avoid these infections as much as possible?

Answer 5:

There is an urethra port in the front of the vulva, which has bacteria such as lactobacillus in Yin Road, and then there is bacteria such as E. coli in the anus in the back of the anus, so you must wipe it from front to back to reduce the risk of infection.

In addition, do not change the cotton strip for a long time. It is best to replace it within four hours, and do not use cotton strips all night.Because the cotton strip is equivalent to a new medium in the Yin road, it is easy to cause infection and even sepsis without changing for a long time.

Moobacter Yin Taoitis is caused by the excessive growth of yeast in Yin Dao. The most common microorganisms are Candida.Candida in white rosary usually grows in the Yin road without causing any problems -only when they grow excessively, they can cause symptoms.

Candida has a strong stimulating effect on sensitive Yin Road and vulva skin.Some factors will promote the emergence of moldy Yin Taoitis, such as using specific antibiotics, pregnancy, diabetes, damp skin (such as riding) or a large amount of friction (such as love after love).There are other skin diseases in the same part, such as eczema, which may also be more prone to mold Yin Taoitis.

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