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There are a lot of "Ma Daha" in life. It is obviously pregnant for a while, but I do n’t know, and even some women are pregnant and are still pregnant. These are not jokes. Many women find that they are pregnant when they are pregnant.I have lived in my belly for a while, but I don’t know.

After getting married, there are no contraceptive measures, so I usually pay more attention.Although it is said that the society has improved now, if you want to know if you are pregnant, you will go to the hospital directly, but women have long snacks and observe some changes in their bodies. They will know whether they are pregnant at home.

The easiest way to go to the hospital is to buy an early pregnancy test paper. Under normal circumstances, about 10 days after the same room, you can use the test strip to detect whether you are pregnant. As long as it is a test paper produced by regular manufacturers, the accuracy rate is still very high.of.To detect the test strip, choose the morning urine in the morning. Unsteady women can operate according to the use of the instructions. The method should be used correctly so that the test results will be accurate.Some women fertilize eggs in bed late, and there will be no early test strips.

In addition to detecting the early pregnancy test strip, women can also determine whether they are pregnant based on some changes:

In the early stages of pregnancy, because of fertilized eggs, and hormones secreted by women’s body, there will be mild nausea and vomiting symptoms, especially when they just get up in the morning.If you feel sick when you rinse your mouth for a few days in the morning, it is likely to be pregnant.

After pregnancy, the most common change is that women will feel that their breasts are uncomfortable, and they are a bit painful. They are similar to the pain before and after the holiday. Generally, women will change in the early stages of pregnancy. Therefore, women can also be based on breasts.Change to determine whether you are pregnant.

If women are pregnant, they will have a sense of lazy and weak. If you are either because of illness or too tired or not, you do n’t want to do it for no reason, and you will always be sleepy.My colleague always said that she was sleepy for a while, and her limbs were weak. Whether she was pregnant with other colleagues was pregnant. Later, the colleague had a test of early pregnancy.If you have this symptom, you may wish to go home to test it, maybe it is the winning prize.

In addition to these, a manifestation of a menopause if you are pregnant is to discontinue menstruation.Some women may have irregular menstruation, so if you do n’t have menstruation for a while, you will not be attentive. If you are preparing for pregnancy, you must pay attention. After the menstrual cycle has not yet come, the chance of winning is very high.

Women who are ready to baby should pay more attention. If you are pregnant, you must go to the hospital as soon as possible for examination. Don’t know if you are pregnant.Therefore, the treatment period is delayed, so it is not good.


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