Wedding detection of syphilis, in order to protect the parties’ privacy but not inform the spouse, what’s the point of marriage inspection?

Xiao Wang recently encountered a very bad thing. After his wife was married, he was found syphilis. Xiao Wang didn’t understand that he had had a marriage check. Why didn’t he tell his wife that he was sick?It is still such a serious infectious disease, and even this disease directly threatens his life and health.

Talkman: Xiao Wang

My wife (Ajuan) met when I was traveling in Tibet. At that time, I went to Tibet to play alone. I opened the people nearby at night …

With the deepening of the chat, I found that Ajuan was also a Tibetan person. She was from Shandong. Because she was in a bad mood, she thought about Tibet to disperse.That night we kept talking about sleeping naturally, and I remember that I had a long and beautiful dream.

The next day we went to travel together. Ajuan was very tall, with one meter seven, looking at it very sunny, her face was clean, and her body was good. To be honest, I was excited at the time.After playing for a day, I proposed to have some drinks together at night. I took three patrols. I took Ajuan’s hand. She did not resist. Later, I took her to my room …

After breaking up, I returned to Fujian, and she returned to Shandong. I thought that there would be no intersection in this life. The tourism these days was a beautiful encounter.

Suddenly one day, A Juan called me and asked me if she thought about her?I thought, she said that you waited. A few hours later, Ajuan appeared in front of me. That night we exchanged for several times.

From then on, A Juan and I officially determined the relationship between men and women. Ajuan was a girl who opened a house. Every time we were together, we kept communicating. I enjoyed this process.Later, my parents knew our affairs and urged us to get married.

On the day of my proposal, I kneeled on one knee and promised to take care of her for a lifetime. A Juan cried like a tear at that time.Marriage inspection, receiving permits, and a banquet in one go, Ajuan finally became my bride.

I thought that the story of Ajuan and I was like many couples. I was in love and marrying.

After marriage, A Juan always returned to her hometown to live in Shandong for a while. At first I just thought she was not used to life in the south, and was reluctant to separate from her parents for too long. Until one day, she was taking a bath. My mother -in -law suddenly sent her.The information made me see, and the hospital was approved, and she asked her to come over for treatment.

When I saw the information, I felt wrong, and never heard Ajuan say what she was sick.Later, under my questioning, she finally admitted that she had syphilis, the second phase.

I was really scared, and quickly got a hundred seats. As a result, the results found almost collapsed. Syphilis was a infectious disease that was second only to AIDS, and it could not be cured.The virus content is lower than a certain value to conceive …

I slapped Ajuan at the time, and I was the first time I hit her. If this is also a domestic violence, then I admit that I have violence her, and she kept crying. She said that when I was in Tibet, she said that when she was in Tibet, she was in Tibet.I was infected. I didn’t think so much at that time, I just felt that I was voluntarily with her. Even if I was infected at the time, I deserved it. Who couldn’t control the lower body. Later, she fell in love with me slowly.You shouldn’t tell me.

I was very puzzled. Obviously, when we got married, we did not find out the marriage check. For this reason, I found the hospital that was inspected at the time. But if the hospital, I couldn’t believe it.In privacy, they will not tell a third person except the parties.

I don’t understand. Now that the marriage is out, I don’t tell the spouse, what is the meaning of the marriage check?

I have also checked now, and I am still waiting for the results of the inspection. No matter what the result is, I have to divorce Ajuan.

Xiaobian has something to say

1. Xiao Wang’s encounter is indeed sympathetic and speechless, but things happen, and it seems that it doesn’t seem to be.

Now that Xiao Wang wants to divorce, there is indeed the law. The Civil Code does stipulate that syphilis belongs to the situation where marriage is prohibited. Xiao Wang can apply to the People’s Law to apply for their marriage invalid, but not called divorce.

2. The acquaintance of Xiao Wang and Ajuan is indeed different, but it is not wrong.

3. Ajuan concealed the history of major illness and had violations of laws. However, based on the principle of unknown and illegal laws of the Criminal Law, she could not investigate Ajuan’s criminal responsibility.

4. As for the significance of the marriage inspection mentioned by Xiao Wang, it is also clearly stipulated in the law. If AIDS, syphilis, etc. during the examination, the hospital is a third party in the hospital.The privacy may of course be unreasonable, but there is no other legal basis at present, so the hospital has not told Xiao Wang.

5. Through the situation of Xiao Wang, let us understand that you need to be cautious about dating. In case of encountering Ajuan, we will be destroyed for a few minutes.

Finally, I hope you can cherish it and cherish life!

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