Weight loss and infertility

Will weight loss cause infertility?Yes.

Will weight loss promote pregnancy?Yes.

Both are certain answers, which seem to be contradictory, but by carefully exploring the table and inside, both can get a satisfactory answer.

Because the two have different conditions.

Will weight loss cause infertility?——This problem is that it focuses on excessive weight loss and cause infertility.


Fat is an important place for estrogen to make estrogen in the body.Fat is an important condition for female sexual maturity and the source of energy of menstruation and fertility.Girls who grew up in any environment, the fat content in the body accounts for at least 17 % of weight, and the first menstrual tide will occur.To maintain normal menstrual cycle, pregnancy, and breastfeeding, the fat content in women must exceed 22 % of weight.Excessive diet or strenuous exercise can cause fat content to minimize the minimum standard below 17 %. Excessive fat will inevitably affect estrogen production, causing girls to delay the primary tide of menstrual menstruation or women’s menstruation and amenorrhea in childcare age, which leads to infertility.It is generally believed that when losing weight, as long as the weight loss exceeds the constitution index {that is, (BMI value) is the weight (kg) divide by the height (m) square} corresponding to 10 % and 15 % below the normal weightAnd infertility.

So, female friends!Please lose weight!When losing weight, weight loss must be controlled within the weight range corresponding to the height, and the increase or decrease should be <10 %.Keeping the proportion of body fat in the body can effectively maintain women’s physical health and fertility, and can also show the beauty of women.

Will weight loss promote pregnancy?——This problem is that focusing on overweight and obesity will cause infertility, so weight loss will promote pregnancy.


Defendic tissue is the largest endocrine organs of the body, and it can convert androgen into estrogen.Therefore, women who are overweight and obese in childcare, whether they are systemic obesity or central obesity, their body fat distribution will affect the level of hormone levels and metabolic reactions in the body. Such women usually have endocrine disorders with relatively high estrogen.Rehabilitation resistance, higher androgens, metabolic disorders, etc. At the same time, the weight is determined by insulin, insulin sensitivity and excessive androgen, which eventually leads to menstrual disorders, ovulation scarcity, no ovulation or even infertility.It is reported that women’s upper body obesity is more infertile than obesity in the lower body.

All in all, women’s weight overweight (28> constitutional index ≥24), obesity (physical index ≥28) is one of the main causes of childbirth infertility.

Therefore, it is advocated that infertile women with overweight and obesity increase exercise and control diet (mainly adjustment of diet structure, control energy intake), control weight within the corresponding range of height, and continue to maintain a healthy lifestyle to continue to maintain a healthy lifestyle, so as to use it in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle.Preventional weight loss, excessive and rebound, eventually you can conceive your baby as expected.

“””Weight loss””infertility”

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