What about asthma during pregnancy?

"Doctor, doctor, I have been pregnant for more than 4 months, and my chest tightness and asthma are very powerful. Can I use asthma? Can I use the medicine to control asthma? Does the medication affect the baby?" Recently, the Changzhou Maternal and Child Health Hospital, ChangzhouA prospective mother came from the Bading Internal Medicine Clinic in the Zhonglou District of the First Hospital.This expectant mother has a bronchial asthma since she was a child. She has been using drugs regularly before pregnancy, and her condition is stable.One year ago, in order to give birth to a baby, worried that the drug would affect the baby, the expectant mother stopped the medicine by her own.3 days ago, the expectant mother’s chest tightness and asthma occurred again.

The doctor picked up the auscultation device and gently opened Ms. Wang’s clothes. After listening, he thought.This is "asthma during pregnancy"."Pregnancy asthma is a special period in the management of asthma. It is necessary to control asthma and make pregnancy women go through pregnancy until childbirth, and avoid the harm of drugs to fetuses."Director Qiu Hui, Director of Breath Department of the Bell House of Changzhou, Maternal and Child Health Hospital, said.

Let’s follow Director Qiu Hui to talk about those things about asthma during pregnancy.

1. What is the proportion of pregnant women with asthma during pregnancy?

Answer: The incidence of asthma in women during pregnancy is 3 ~ 9%.

2. What factors can induce asthma during pregnancy?

1) Women with poor asthma control before pregnancy have higher risk of asthma extension during pregnancy.2) Reduced or discontinued drugs after pregnancy, especially the risk of insufficient asthma in sugar cortex hormones.3) Environmental factors, if you inhale or cause allergies during pregnancy (such as smoke, dust mites, pollen, fish and shrimp, etc.), respiratory tract infections and climate change will increase asthma risk.Therefore, try to avoid the above factors that cause the above.

3. Does asthma affect pregnancy?

Sweet asthma during pregnancy may increase perinatal mortality and the risks of some pregnancy complications such as natural miscarriage, eclampsia and pregnancy hypertrophy.Correct treatment and good asthma control can greatly reduce the emergence of the above complications.

4. Is medication safe during pregnancy?How to choose medication?

Many asthma therapy drugs are safer after clinical observation.The choice of drugs to choose the first choice of inhaled sagine glycol.For patients with mild continuous asthma or more severe asthma, Buddine can be used as the preferred drug for sugar corticosteroids to reduce the onset of asthma during pregnancy. The condition can be repeatedly treated with Meng Lu Ste.If the symptoms are still not controlled, the whole body glucocorticoids can be selected (limited to short treatments, low doses).

In short, as long as it prevents and reduce the acute attack of asthma and correctly use asthma drugs and control environmental factors, asthma during pregnancy is an anti -controllable disease, not terrible, let alone worry about anxiety.Maternal and Child Xuan Tang Yichen

Source: Changzhou Evening News

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