What are the benefits of adding folic acid before pregnancy?Women during pregnancy to understand as soon as possible

With the improvement of the concept of health, many women who are prepared during pregnancy will be carefully prepared before pregnancy. For example, they will consult some pregnancy knowledge and do a good job of preparing for pregnancy.Baby.Many women have learned that more folic acid should be supplemented before pregnancy. So what is folic acid?Why add folic acid?

Folic acid is actually a type of B vitamins, because it is found in many green leaves, so it is called folic acid.Folic acid has strong biological activity, but people do not need much. As long as they are not special picky eaters, they generally do not lack, and the importance of folic acid during pregnancy is more important.Folic acid itself can promote cell division, and the division of fetal cells is particularly active. Therefore, there is a certain necessity for supplementing folic acid. Successic folic acid can prevent fetal nervous tube malformations, and can also reduce complications during pregnancy, such as anemia.

The supplement of folic acid will begin three months before pregnancy, and three months after pregnancy will be added, so as to safely spend the most vigorous stage of fetal cell classification.Men’s supplementation of folic acid can also bring certain benefits. Folic acid can improve the quality of reproductive cells, enhance immunity, and promote fertility.

Although folic acid is important, it is not enough to replenish folic acid during pregnancy. Before pregnancy, women should also supplement certain estrogen, vitamin E, and progesterone.Among them, estrogen mainly maintains normal menstruation and promote ovulation; vitamin E has the effect of promoting estrogen secretion, and its metabolic phenol ingredients can improve the activity of germ cells, which is conducive to conception; the role of progesterone is the role of progesterone;More importantly, it can calm the uterus and weaken the rejection of the uterus, which is conducive to the bed in the fertilized egg.

Folic acid supplements can eat folic acid tablets, because natural folic acid has more foods in many foods, but heating and light make it extremely unstable and lose the value of supplement.The role of.Vitamin E, estrogen, progesterone and other ingredients can get sufficient supplements from some specific foods, such as black sesame walnut black bean flour.

Black sesame and walnuts are rich in vitamin E, while black beans contain natural estrogen and progesterone. They combine them to get good nourishing value, especially for women who are prepared during pregnancy. Women often eat black sesame seedsWalnut black bean flour can also supplement a large amount of protein ingredients, which is very beneficial to the development of the fetus. At the same time, the plant fiber it contains has the effect of promoting intestinal peristalsis, which can promote the absorption of food nutrition.Women are consumed as breakfast every day, which is very helpful for preparation during pregnancy.

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