What are the careful matters and practical significance of follicles?

According to statistics, the infertility group has rapidly improved the development trend, and the most immediately reasonable way to deal with infertility is to promote pregnancy according to test tube infants.Because 99%of the total number of ovulation ovulation a month is one, and test tubes must be obtained by several perfect egg cells, so follicle monitoring is particularly important for the total number of ovulation promotion of test tubes.So, what are the careful matters and practical significance of follicle monitoring?

1. Monitoring ovulation can be carried out separately at the endometrium thickness, and the endometrium stability and endometrial condition of the endometrium and its uterine ovarian and endometrium are fully grasped in all directions.

2. Monitoring ovulation should be fused with the body temperature and cervical mucus for growth hormone.In addition, carefully monitoring lutein, because many patients have lack of luteal function.

3. Monitor ovulation during ovulation during ovulation: Measure the body temperature and record before waking up every morning. If the body temperature of the human body is double type, the expression will have ovulation.EssenceGenerally, the temperature of the luteal period increases by 0.5 ° C after ovulation, and it does not last for more than ten days.

4. LH monitoring ovulation: The large single pulse metabolism in the middle and late period of the LH can be used as a periodic label coordinate system for adjacent ovulation. Mature follicle must be able to cause ovulation at the efficacy of the LH peak. Thereforeovulation.Ovulation usually occurs around 24 hours after the emergence of urine or blood LH.

5. Small follicle ovulation: Small follicle ovulation means that mature follicles occur in the follicular period, but the language development is slow. Matsuscopic follicles appear to LH peaks when they grow and develop to the average value diameter.Generally speaking, the cycle of small follicles ovulation is low and high abortion. Ovulation promotion is a reasonable way to treat small follicles ovulation. Applying ovulation -promoting medication can improve pregnancy and improve the end of pregnancy.The monitoring of small follicles ovulation should just start on the 7th-9th day of the menstrual period. Monitoring once the next day, and the average egg is monitored every day when the average egg value diameter reaches 16mm.

6. Generally, the frequency of B-ultrasound inspection monitoring per cycle is 3-4 times.

7. Of course, after the body temperature is rising, the ultrasonic monitoring the eggs will subscribe or collapse.Oach ovulation cycle time or artificial fertilization cycle time, when the diameter of the egg is> 18-20mm, the omen has been perfected. It can be injected HCG.

8. Several ovulation will be> 3 mature follicles, and proposal to cancel the period of time for treatment.

9. Breeding baby time: From 3 days before ovulation to one day after ovulation, you can test pregnancy.

If the IVF cycle is smooth and the actual effect of the IVF egg retrieval is obtained, monitoring eggs is an essential step. For the very important effect of the cycle time, patients must return to the hospital as soon as possible in accordance with the regulations of medical experts and doctors to conduct inspections as soon as possibleMonitoring, do not miss the best time to monitor.

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