What are the causes of kidney stones?Will kidney stones affect pregnancy?

Everyone knows that our physical health has a direct relationship with the kidneys.In life, common renal diseases include nephritis, kidney stones, or severe renal cancer.And after a person gets kidney stones, it will affect normal urination, and sometimes even unbearable, which makes people very painful.So what are the causes of kidney stones? Can patients with kidney stones affect pregnancy? Let ’s take a look with me!

What are the hazards of kidney stones? Kidney stones are one of the urinary system diseases, and factors such as genetic, environmental, infection, and diet are common factor that induce kidney stones.Kidney stones are a benign disease, but it has a lot of impact on the kidneys. Severe kidney stones may affect pregnancy.So what are the causes of kidney stones? Will kidney stones affect pregnancy? Let me listen to me for related introductions.

1. How to cause kidney stones? Experts said that the cause of kidney stones mainly has the following:

1) Excessive accumulation of oxalic acid.A large accumulation of oxalic acid in the body is one of the causes of renal urinary stones.Such as spinach, beans, grapes, cocoa, tea, oranges, potatoes and other things that people generally love to eat, it is foods with high oxalic acid.

2) Purine metabolism.Animal viscera, seafood food, peanuts, beans, spinach, etc., all contain more purine ingredients.After the purine enters the body, it is necessary to metabolize. The ultimate product of its metabolism is uric acid.Uric acid can promote the precipitation of oxalic acid in the urine to form urine stones.

3) Too much fat intake.The meats of various animals, especially fat pork, are foods with more fat.Eating more fat in the body will inevitably increase, and fat will reduce calcium that can be combined in the intestine. If the excretion function fails, such as sweat and less water, kidney stones are likely to be formed in this case.

4) The sugar is too high.Sugar is an important nutrient of the human body. It should be supplemented in an appropriate amount, but it increases too much at once, especially lactose, which can promote the absorption of calcium, and it is more likely to cause calcium oxalate to accumulate in the body and form urine stones.

5) Excessive protein.If you often eat high -protein foods often, the components of calcium, oxalic acid, and uric acid in the kidneys and urine are generally increased.If the kidneys cannot be discharged from the body in time, the conditions of the kidney stones can be formed.

2. What is the effect of kidney stones on the kidney?

The impact of kidney stones on the kidney, people know that because the main effect of the kidney is to produce urine and eliminate toxic substances in the body. Therefore, if the stones are progressing, it can finally progress into kidney dysfunction, which is often referred to as uremia.Secondly, if ureteral stones are blocked by the ureter, the urine in the kidneys cannot be discharged smoothly, which will cause the kidney water. The urine has a long period of time in the kidney., Even seize the life of patients.Can kidney stones affect pregnancy? It generally does not affect, but early diagnosis is important.

Experts point out that kidney stones often occur in middle -ages, and more men are better than women.Kidney stones may exist for a long time without asymptomatic, especially large stones.Smaller the range of stones is large. When the stones enter the pelvis into the connection of the ureter or the ureter, the ureteral motility is caused to promote the drainage of stones, so twisted and hematuria occurs.

Pain caused by kidney stones can be divided into blunt pain and colic.40%-50%of patients have a history of pain in gap.Pain is often located in the waist and abdomen, most of which are paroxysmal and can also be continuous pain.Some pain may only be phenomenon of waist soreness and discomfort, and activity or labor can cause pain to attack or worsen.

Will kidney stones affect pregnancy?

Can kidney stones be pregnant? Kidney stones are one of the more common diseases at present. It seriously affects the health of patients. For female patients, is it more concerned about whether kidney stones can get pregnant?They are also very concerned, so for everyone to understand this, let’s take a look at it today.

Experts from the Stone Disease Hospital said: If women with kidney stones often have symptoms such as radioactive pain and hematuria, then first treat kidney stones and then get pregnant to avoid pain during pregnancy.If a female kidney stones can see sand and gravel in urine, remind: must not be pregnant.Because once the stones fall into the ureter, the renal colic is produced, and the accumulation of the kidney is not good for the fetus and pregnant women.Therefore, patients with kidney stones must be cured to get pregnant.

Experts say: urine output will increase after pregnancy, so friends with female patients are best to treat kidney stones and then get pregnant.However, many patients asked again: Can kidney stones have never been painful, can they be pregnant? Experts remind female kidney stones friends, during pregnancy, all aspects of nutrition are relatively abundant, which provides a good foundation for kidney stones.The stones grew up during pregnancy, and the illness was sick. That was also a very troublesome thing.

The above introduces the etiology, symptoms, and kidney stones on kidney stones on the kidney.After reading these health data, those female kidney stones must pay attention to it, and they should go to regular hospitals as soon as possible after they find that the disease should be treated as soon as possible.Because patients with kidney stones have many symptoms such as hematuria, radioactive pain, kidney stones will affect pregnancy. It is recommended to treat kidney stones before pregnancy, so as to ensure that the mother and child are safe in the future.It can also avoid the health of the fetus and pregnant women due to kidney stones.

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