What are the changes in breasts after pregnancy?These breasts knowledge pregnant women know good early

After women are pregnant, there will be a series of changes in their bodies, especially for women who are pregnant for the first time, changes in their bodies will scare pregnant mothers.In fact, during pregnancy, due to the rise in hormone levels, the breasts of pregnant mothers will develop again, and the blood supply will increase, which will cause a lot of changes in the breasts of pregnant mothers.Today, let’s talk about changes in breasts during pregnancy. Pregnant mothers don’t have to worry too much. This is normal.

Color changes

During pregnancy, many pregnant mothers will find that their nipples and areola colors have darkened. This is mainly because of hormones during pregnancy. The melanin accumulation in the pregnant mother’s body will occur.EssenceIn addition to the darker of the areola, the range of areola will become larger, but the pregnant mother does not need to worry. After giving birth, the hormone level is reduced, the color of the areola will become lighter, and the range will gradually shrink, so the scope will gradually shrink, so the scope will gradually shrink, so the scope will gradually shrink, so the scope will gradually shrink, so the scope will gradually shrink, so the scope will gradually reduce, soYou don’t need to care too much about the isola for ugliness.

Cup upgrade

The upgrade of the cup during pregnancy may be the happiest thing that the flat -breasted pregnant mothers.During pregnancy, the estrogen in women will increase, which will not only speed up the blood circulation of the whole body of the pregnant mother, but also make the breast ducts in the breasts of the pregnant mother thicker, so the chest will become larger.But there will be doubts about pregnant mothers. Will the breasts grow larger during pregnancy?I’m really sorry. This is impossible. Generally, the change in the first three months of pregnancy will be very obvious. After three months, this change is not obvious, so after pregnancy, pregnant mothers can lose their original originalThe underwear is replaced with breastfeeding underwear. After all, the fabrics and elasticity of the mammary underwear are not comparable to ordinary underwear, which is very suitable for the chest shape that changes during pregnancy.

Breast pain

Along with the bigger breasts, there will also be tenderness, so pregnant mothers should not be happy too early.During pregnancy, the breasts of pregnant mothers will become very sensitive, and it can be said that it has become a "restricted area" to touch.As the chest increases, it will not only cause pain, but also itching, so when many pregnant mothers are scratching their breasts, in addition to tolerating pain, they will become more and more itchy. Therefore, it is recommended that pregnant mothers tolerate toleranceIf you can’t bear it, if you don’t really work, you can apply it with ice, so that you can relieve pain and itching.

Polaris with secretions

Many pregnant mothers find that during pregnancy, the breasts will secrete some yellow liquid, which makes many expectant mothers who are pregnant for the first time think that there is a problem with her body.In fact, this is a normal phenomenon during pregnancy. The yellow liquid secreted is colostrum, but you don’t have to worry about colostrum will always be secreted, because the progesterone in the pregnant mother will inhibit its secretion, so don’t worry that the baby has no colostrum after birth after birth.Essence

After pregnancy, the phenomenon mentioned above is normal, so pregnant mothers do not have to be too nervous, but to remind the pregnant mother that during pregnancy, it is necessary to reduce the stimulation of the breast. After all, the breasts during pregnancy are very """Tender".

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