What are the changes in the fetus in staying up late during pregnancy?After reading it, I know how amazing "mother and child’s heart"

After pregnancy, the first to change is not the figure, but the eyes.It is said that "mother love is like water", and after knowing that there is a small new life in his belly, the eyes of "prospective mothers" often become more gentle, like a trickle, gentle and calm.strength.

If you want to judge whether a person is pregnant, in addition to seeing her eyes, you can also see her behavior.

Even in the early stages of pregnancy, they have not "showed their arms". When pregnant mothers walk, they will instinctively protect their belly. This is a kind of protection of the fetus in the abdomen.

"Mother" has a natural love for the fetus, but in fact, it is not only the mother loves the baby unilaterally. This love is two -way and flowing.Because the fetus will also interact with her mother, they will also know the mother’s mood and sorrow.

After surviving the early pregnancy of "darkness", the pregnant mother Lele finally entered the middle of pregnancy and began to enjoy a comfortable life during pregnancy.

Lele has no other hobbies, the biggest hobby is "chasing drama".Whenever there are any popular new dramas, Lele always washed and went to bed early, ready to start a "pot drama".Sometimes, the plot is too exciting, Lele will mistakenly sleep, and it becomes a "night owl".

Whenever I see a funny plot, even in the middle of the night, Lele can’t help laughing.On this day, when I was chasing the drama, I just met a funny plot, and Lele smiled back and leaning.

At this time, she suddenly found that the fetus in her belly began to get excited and kept moving around.Lele suddenly became nervous, holding his breath and seeing what the baby would have any movements.

When Lele’s qi was condensed, the fetus in the abdomen became very quiet.Her heart began to doubt: Can the fetus feel the mood and sorrow of the mother?

She intends to try again to verify her inner guess.So she opened a comedy and saw the interesting bridge, and she immediately laughed.At this time, Lele’s abdomen was drumming, as if the fetus was greeted with her mother.

With such an experience, Lele understands how amazing people say "mother and child’s heart".

Since then, Lele has been like a person. He sleeps on time every day and will never stay up late to "cook drama".

The reason why there is such a change is because Lele does not want the baby to be a "night owl" who loves watching TV series.As a mother, she thinks she is very needed to make an example for her children.

However, in real life, many pregnant mothers can’t do their own self -control like Lele.Because the whole pregnancy is very long and boring, the pregnant mothers have a lot of "constraints" in their lives due to their own identity, which cannot be done or not.Many times, they can only accompany their mobile phones.

Although it is said that "mother and child are connected", playing mobile phones during pregnancy is actually not "ten evils".Pregnant mothers should not feel guilty because they are playing with their mobile phones. They think that the fetus will be adversely affected. Playing mobile phones during pregnancy should also pay attention to "gameplay". Use mobile phones correctly can not only reduce the harm of the mobile phone.reward.

胎 Playing mobile phones can do "prenatal education"

Many novice pregnant mothers do not know how to be prenatal education for the fetus, and they do not know where there are suitable prenatal education resources.In fact, a small phone is a good prenatal education tool.

From June pregnancy, the fetus can hear the sound in the mother’s belly."Moms" can use their mobile phones to play some soothing or rhythmic music, and give the fetus some artistic influence.

Here is a very magical thing. Once a friend once liked to listen to a song during pregnancy.After the child was born, whenever the child cried in the middle of the night, as long as the friend played this song, the baby would stop crying magically, and his eyes widened and listened quietly.

Pregnant mothers can make full use of the functions of their mobile phones to make mobile phones a tool for prenatal education.At the same time as prenatal education, pregnant mothers’ boring moods can be soothing and have a lot of benefits.

✔ Pay attention to duration when playing mobile phones

Modern people are highly dependent on mobile phones, and they often ignore time when playing mobile phones.Sometimes we may only intend to spend five minutes browse the news on the mobile phone. In the end, I unknowingly sat on the sofa and stared at the screen of the mobile phone for a few hours. This experience must be familiar with this experience.

Pregnant mothers are no exception. They often blame themselves after playing with their mobile phones, but they can’t quit "mobile phone addiction".

In fact, pregnant mothers can play mobile phones during pregnancy, and do not have to pay too much attention to the influence of the radiation of the mobile phone, because the radiation of the mobile phone is very weak, only about 20 volts, and it will not have much impact on the human body.However, pregnant mothers must pay attention to the length of playing mobile phones. It is advisable to not exceed half an hour each time.

Because for a long time facing the mobile phone screen, the eyes of pregnant mothers can easily feel fatigue, and sedentary can also cause their back pain.After playing with mobile phones, pregnant mothers can stand up in time and move their body in time, looking at the distance to relieve eye fatigue.

✔ Play mobile phones to pay attention to posture

In addition to controlling their mobile phones, pregnant mothers also need to pay special attention to playing mobile phones, otherwise they may drop "mobile diseases".Whether sitting or standing, pregnant mothers cannot be too close to the mobile phone when playing mobile phones.

In addition, pregnant mothers are best to place their mobile phones in a plain with sight, so as to avoid pressure from low heads to the cervical spine.

In addition, pregnant mothers must learn to protect their fingers and try not to play mobile phones with one hand.Because the mobile phone is not small now, the pregnant mother has played a mobile phone with one hand. Over time, it is easy to develop diseases such as tendonitis.

The process of pregnancy is hard, but the feeling of combining the pregnant mother and the fetus is happy.Pregnant mothers do not have to be too strict during pregnancy, and it is okay to play mobile phones appropriately.

But remember that you can’t play every day or night, and you can’t play for a long time. This is not good for the fetus and their own health.I hope you can play with your mobile phones and enjoy the happiness of a happy pregnancy.

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