What are the consequences of the menstrual room?Why does the desire of girls with menstruation become stronger?

"I came to the menstruation about 2 days, but I don’t know why every time I came to the menstrual desires will become stronger. I didn’t hold back last night with my boyfriend. Is there any consequences? I haven’t felt any discomfort yet."

Looking at it makes people feel a little "bloody", but some friends may be curious. What kind of feeling is the same room during menstruation?

It feels good:

"I didn’t think about it when I was separated from my boyfriend. I didn’t hold back the meeting half a month later. The aunt did it the next day, and when I did it, I was fighting blood. In addition to the picture, I was not different from the usual way.The dysmenorrhea is reduced. "

"I think it is more lubricated than usual, and the nerves will be more sensitive. When it is popping, it just feels like flying …"

There are also regrets:

"I was ignorant, and I did it with the ex -party. I don’t know what he feels. Anyway, I think of it now, it’s all blood, I just feel nauseous!"

"It’ s all the lessons of blood! I was ignorant when I was young. I got a few menstrual periods. After finding the fallopian tube abscess, endometriosis, I can only force the operation, and the chronic pelvic inflammatory disease.Don’t just make a joke with menstruation! "

Will the same room be harmful to the body during the menstruation?There is also a saying that the number of menstrual days is related to aging speed, and what is going on?

"The friends around me are all menstruation for 7 days. Only 3 days will I get faster than them?" Some friends may have such concerns. Is the number of menstrual days related to aging?

The short -term period of the menstrual cycle is fast, which actually originated from women’s ovulation.There are rumors that women can only lift 400 eggs in their lives.And the menstrual cycle is short, the eggs are fast, and naturally they are old.But in fact, this statement is wrong.

First of all, the short menstrual period does not mean that the menstrual cycle is short. The menstrual cycle is the number of days in the first day of the two -day menstruation in the two -day menstrual period.The "menstrual period" is only the number of menstruation, and the two are not necessarily connected.

Furthermore, the menstrual cycle is short, and it does not mean that it is faster.Because 400 eggs are only estimated, the number of ovulation of each person’s life is not uniform and mainly depends on the follicle base.

If your follicle base itself is relatively high, even if the cycle is short for a few days, 400 follicles are finished, the reserve army is still quite sufficient.It can be said that as long as the ovarian function is still operating normally, the remaining follicles can continue to ovulate, and it will not be placed early because of ovulation.

The number of menstrual days has nothing to do with premature aging. Why do some people come for 3 days and some people come for 7 days?

In this regard, Dr. Tan Buzhen, chief physician of the obstetrics and gynecology department of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Nanchang University, said that this is mainly related to the speed of follicle maturity or the speed of endometrial thickening.

People who have a slow maturity of the follicles, or those who have a slower endometrial thickening speed, will experience delayed menstruation, and the menstrual cycle is naturally longer than others.In addition, it is also possible to be related to nutritional state, excessive weight loss, malnutrition, stress of work and life, and emotional changes.But if it is stable for 3 or 7 days, there are only different individual differences, and there is no difference between advantages and disadvantages.

However, if it has abnormal days or cycles and has not recovered, it must attract attention.

Many women find that every time he comes to auntie, the desire for "in that way" will be stronger. Is this normal?Can the menstrual period be in the same room?

The reason why the menstrual period will become stronger is mainly related to hormone changes in the body.At a special stage, female estrogen secretion in women is reduced, androgen increases, androgen can determine strong sexual desires, and people with higher androgen will have strong desires.

In addition, mild pelvic congestion occurs during menstruation, similar to the congestion reaction during sexual excitement, which will give the body a false sexual excitement signal.

Is the desire come, can I solve it in the same room?Yes, but not advocated.

The blood produced by menstrual period can indeed relieve the pain of vaginal dryness on weekdays. However, during menstruation, the pH value of female vaginal secretions will increase, and the steady -state environment in the vagina is easily disrupted.At the same time, the position of the cervix is relatively low. When the endometrium falls off and bleeds, the cervix opening is wide, which is easy to increase the risk of virus transmission.

Therefore, when the partner’s health cannot be confirmed, it is not recommended to find the behavior of menstruation. If there are serious problems in their bodies, they need to be avoided.

If you must solve sexual impulses during menstruation, it is recommended to do some masturbation, or carefully clean it before and after the same room.If there is abnormal pain in the same room for a few days, you should go to the hospital in time.

In addition to the same room during menstruation, the uterus may hurt the uterus, the following behavior will also threaten the uterus:

1. Smoking

Smoking is harmful to the health and is the same for ovarian. Harmful substances in cigarettes can cause ovarian parent cells, and will inhibit ovarian estrogen synthesis, reduce the production of estrogen, and then cause menstrual disorders and premature ovarian failure.

2. Repeated manual abortion

Whether it is artificial abortion, curettage or hysteroscopic surgery, any time of uterine cavity is a harm for the uterus. Repeated surgery can easily cause uterine adhesion or even infertility.

3. Use inferior hair dye and cosmetics

Bad hair dyeing agents and cosmetics, such as benzene, mercury, etc., these metals are toxic and can be absorbed through the skin and mucous membranes, enter the blood circulation, reach the ovarian, and affect the ovarian function.

During menstruation, these physiological knowledge should be understood and beneficial to gynecological health.How long does the sanitary napkin change?

For the replacement of sanitary napkins, some people want to go to the toilet to change each time, while others are fully used to the limit.Regardless of the large amount of sanitary napkins, consider from the perspective of sanitation, it is best to change every 2 to 3 hours.

It is recommended to choose a sanitary napkin with small irritation, cotton noodles, and flavorlessness, which can avoid the allergies of the vulva, stimulate the vulva, and cause itching.Can I contraception if I can’t get in?

耍 耍 is also a "hooligan". Even if the semen is only in the vaginal opening, women may get pregnant.The vitality of the sperm is very tenacious and can survive for 2-5 days. If both men and women have strong eggs and sperm ability, sperm swimming in, just to encounter eggs during ovulation, there is also a possibility of pregnancy.

In the same way, the so -called safe -phase contraception, cleaning vaginal contraception and other methods are unreliable.If you want contraception, you should be scientifically contraceptive, and use contraceptives or condoms.Wash in private parts healthier?

Do not clean the vagina casually, mucus and vaginal bacteria secreted by the vagina to help maintain the vagina to maintain lubrication and flora balance.If it is often cleaned, it is easy to destroy the vaginal environment and increase the risk of inflammation.

After reading this, whether women have a new understanding of physiological knowledge.I hope to better spread the correct views so that more women know how to protect themselves and care for themselves.

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