What are the dangers of abdominal pain during pregnancy?You don’t have to make a fuss!

The prospective mothers who are the first mother are full of curiosity and anxiety about the new little life. Whether it is a nausea or a small cold, the expectant mother can be helpless, especially the abdominal pain.What is the situation?The expectations of expectant mothers mentioned their throats.

In fact, general abdominal pain during pregnancy, different stages of pain are different.

What is abdominal pain during pregnancy

1. Early pregnancy

(1) Mild spasm and soreness

If this abdominal pain occurs around 1 week after conception, in general, this is the pain caused by fertilized eggs in bed, and it should be a normal physiological phenomenon.After the fertilized eggs are landing on the endometrium, you need to bury yourself into the fertile soil (endometrium). This will cause the movement and contraction of the inner wall of the uterus. The expectant mothers may have slight spasm and soreness.

(2) Continuous pain or pain on the lower side of the lower abdomen

The lower abdomen on the side of the lower abdomen is continuous pain or soreness, which may be that the embryo bed is wrong, which is what we often call ectopic pregnancy.Abdominal pain caused by ectopic pregnancy is usually accompanied by vaginal hemorrhage.

(3) paroxysmal small abdominal pain, and vaginal bleeding

If a paroxysmal abdominal pain, or continuous lower abdomen, abdominal distension, low back pain, at the same time accompanied by a small amount of vaginal and sporadic bleeding, it may indicate a threatened abortion.

2. In the middle of pregnancy

(1) Slightly painful pain

This is because as the expectant mother’s uterus gradually becomes larger, it will compress the gastrointestinal, liver, kidney, bladder and other organs, and the ligaments in the abdominal cavity will also be pulled, so pain causes pain.

(2) Pain around the navel

From the beginning of the pregnancy, the uterus and fetus will grow very quickly. The skin elasticity of expectant mothers cannot keep up with this change. It will feel that the skin around the navel is particularly tight or even painful.

(3) Anti -acid and stomach burning sensation

In the middle and late stages of pregnancy, the secretion of progesterone (progesterone) and estrogen levels will increase significantly, which will gradually decrease the tension of the tension under the esophagus of the pregnant mother, and at the same time, the uterus continues to compress the stomach upward, so that the stomach is continuously compressed, so that the stomach is continuously compressed, soThe increased stomach pressure and the slowing rate of gastric emptying, resulting in a long time for gastric juice and peeds to stay in the stomach.

3. The early pregnancy

(1) Belly stiff

In the middle and late stages of pregnancy, expectant mothers sometimes have a "hard belly" condition, especially when they get up in the morning, after exercise, or often touch the belly, they usually last for only a few seconds and the interval time is as long as hours. This may be possible.It is a fake contraction.

(2) Mild abdominal pain, accompanied by contraction, vaginal bleeding

This type of abdominal pain may be the symptoms of childbirth.Generally, redness is the symptoms of nearly childbirth. Specific mothers do not have to rush to the hospital. First, find the rules of contraction. If the contraction is frequent or broken, you must go to the hospital immediately.

(3) Continuous abdominal pain, accompanied by guiding a large amount of bleeding

This situation may be prematurely peeling in the placenta, usually in the third trimester. If the expectant mother suddenly feels the pain in the lower abdomen, it may be a premature or uterine aura rupture. The expectant mothers may have pregnancy hypertension syndrome, chronic hypertension disease, and chronic hypertension.Abdominal trauma and other conditions.

You should relax during pregnancy and don’t be too nervous

The first mother is a very magical feeling. Often, I am more nervous than happy. After all, the baby is invisible and can’t be seen, and you can’t see the B -ultrasound every day?Generally, the expectant mothers are a little uncomfortable to have an illusion of "I am not right everywhere". Such expectant mothers are really cute, but do n’t judge easily without knowing themselves.Worry about telling the doctor the most correct way!

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