What are the dangers of symptomatic cervical cysts?

With the advancement of medicine, some imaging examinations such as B -ultrasound have provided a more powerful basis for diagnosis of diseases.For example "pelvic effusion, fatty liver, ovarian cyst, cervical cyst …".Pelvic cyst.Fatty liver and ovarian cysts are obvious, and cervical cysts look a bit fresh.Cervical cyst, also known as cervical Na Shi cysts, referred to as Naqao.It is because the normal secretion of the cervix is not discharged, which is one of the manifestations of chronic cervicitis.The universal nature of cervical cysts is like "acne", and most women will have it, especially women with a history of fertility or abortion.

Many women were frightened that there were cervical cysts, thinking that she had a tumor.Experts said that cervical cysts are a benign disease, and female friends don’t have to panic.Mainly because the glandular mouth of the cervical glands is obstructed, the secretions of the gland cannot be discharged well, but they are stranded in the gland to form a cyst.Both gynecological examinations and color Doppler ultrasound can be found.

Under normal circumstances, the relatively small cervical cysts are usually asymptomatic and generally do not need to be treated. As long as the gynecological examination is performed every half a year. For relatively large cysts, it affects women’s conception or discomfort.Take a further clarified inspection and clarify the appropriate treatment method of the cause, so as not to continue to bring serious health hazards to themselves.

What are the hazards of symptoms and gradually increasing cervical cysts?

Harm 1. Affects husband and wife life

After women infected with cervical cysts, sexual life will be greatly affected and the quality of sexual life will be reduced.Because some patients with cervical cysts have clinical symptoms, they often have itching and burning sensation in the vagina, and they may also cause vaginal bleeding during sex, causing both husband and wife to be nervous.For a long time, he has developed fear of the same real estate, which seriously affects the feelings of husband and wife.

Harm 2, infertility

Women with cervical cysts will produce a large amount of secretions, and the white blood cells in these secretions will devour sperm, which will greatly reduce the number of sperm, which will greatly reduce the number and vitality of the sperm, so that the eggs cannot failThe normal combination of sperm to form fertilized eggs during formation, which leads to infertility; in addition, the spread of pathogenic bacteria may affect the female fallopian tubes and ovaries. If these two parts are affected, it will easily cause women to get pregnantEspecially if the fallopian tube is blocked or unobstructed, the impact on women’s pregnancy will be greater; if cervical cysts are not cured for a long time, they will be stimulated by chronic inflammation. In this caseInfiltration and connective tissue hyperplasia causes cervical hypertrophy, and severe cases can increase more than double the normal cervix.For severe inflammation, it can cause abnormal menstruation or even infertility.

Harm three, concurrent other diseases

Most female infection cervical cysts are caused by bacterial infections. Bacteria spread infection affects other parts. Usually cervical cysts may be concurrently chronic cervicitis. At the same time, pathogenic bacteria of cervical cysts may also fall down.Causes women with pelvic inflammatory disease and appendicitis.

Harm 4. Affects fetal development

If you find that there are infected cervical cysts after pregnancy, you must pay special attention, because the pathogenic bacteria of cervical cysts may penetrate the uterus and enter the uterus to adversely affect the development of the fetus, and may occur risks such as miscarriage and premature birth.

[Extension link] Self -protection of cervical cysts

① Pay attention to personal hygiene: I often change the underwear to achieve one person and one basin, clean the vulva every day to prevent the pathogenic bacteria from invading;

② Control the intercourse: There is a degree of intercourse to avoid overwork.Pay attention to the sexual hygiene of the husband and wife, clean it before the same room, especially pay attention to cleaning the foreskin of the penis;

③ Careful flow of people: Try to control the number of flows as much as possible, take contraceptive prevention measures, and avoid multiple cervical intervention operations to avoid damage.In the case of a last resort, choose a regular hospital to prevent cross -infections from not doing a sterile work;

④ Pay attention to hygiene: Pay special attention to hygiene during menstruation, and avoid sex during menstruation to avoid gynecological diseases.

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