What are the dangers of vaginitis?Can you prevents vaginitis?

A few days ago, my girlfriend Xiaoli called to complain to me, saying that she seemed to suffer from vaginitis. I asked the symptoms. As a result, I hurriedly told her not to care about it and told her the harm of vaginitis.Although it is a relatively common disease, after all, it has a serious impact on women’s bodies.Today I will talk to you about the disease of vaginitis.

Some people may not take this disease as a matter. In fact, they still have no deep understanding of the dangers of the disease. Below, I will popularize the dangers of vaginitis for everyone.

1. What are the hazards of vaginitis

1. Treatment of cancer

Don’t underestimate vaginitis. If you cannot be treated in time, it will cause cancer.If the vagina inside the vagina is left in the vagina for a long time, the glycogen of the vaginal epithelial cells will be consumed or swallowed, causing the vaginal weak acid environment to be destroyed, resulting in the possibility of cancer, which will endanger the safety of life.

2. Affect fertility

The disease of vaginitis can also affect the quality of fertility, especially women who are in pregnancy. If you suffer from vaginitis at this time, abortion may occur.Even if there is no abortion, babies are easily infected by virus virus.Affects the development of newborns.

3. Affect pregnancy

If a female friend is infected with trichomonas vaginitis, it will change the internal environment of their guidance. At this time, the guiding environment is not conducive to sperm survival. In addition, trichomonas can also devour sperm, so that sperm cannot be combined with eggs normally into fertilization into fertilization.Each egg can eventually lead to infertility.

4. Various discomfort

After suffering from vaginitis, if it cannot be treated in time, the lesions gradually expand, which will bring a variety of discomfort to female friends.Because of its special onset parts, infections are prone to occur, causing pain, bleeding, purulent, and even ulcers to the lesions.

I just introduced the various hazards of vaginitis. This is by no means alarmist. It must attract enough attention. So how can female friends do a good job in life?

2. How to prevent vaginitis

1. Change panties frequently

Female friends must be cautious about the choice of underwear. It is best to choose cotton underwear and change them in time.Only in this way can the vagina be ensured that the vagina is not infected.The cleaning of the underwear must be dedicated to itself, including cleaning the underwear.After the underwear is washed, it must be disinfected by high temperature. If the sun is strong, it is best to expose it in the sun.

2. Wash the vagina in time

The vagina must be cleaned in time, whether it is before and after menstruation or usual.When cleaning, do not choose any washing agent. The best washing agent is water.Maintain clean and hygiene in the vulva and vagina.

3. Clean yourself

Female friends must be cleaned up, maintain a fixed sexual partner, and be the regularity of sexual life.This can avoid various inflammation and bacterial infections, and truly protect vaginal health.

4. Regular inspection

Gynecological examinations are very necessary, so that vaginal health can be grasped in time, various inflammation can be found in time, and treatment as soon as possible to reduce the chance of various gynecological diseases.

I believe that after reading the text above, female friends can have a certain understanding of the disease of vaginitis, so I hope everyone can do their best to reduce the occurrence of vaginitis to the greatest extent, so as to care for their vaginal health, stay away from gynecological diseases, and stay away from gynecological diseases.Essence

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