What are the differences and characteristics of pumpkin collection?

Pumpkin, nicknamed fans, north melons, bamboo shoots, golden melon, a species of Gourdochuka pumpkin, one year of vine herbaceous plants, the stems are rooted, the petiole is thick, the leaves are wide ovate or ovate, the quality is slightly soft, the veins of the leaves, the veins of the leaf veins, the veins of the leaf veins, the veins of the leaf veinsThe rolling is slightly stout, the male and female are the same plant, the fruit stalk is thick, there are edges and grooves, which vary from the variety. There are often several longitudinal grooves or no.

There are too many pumpkin varieties now, and the appearance alone has changed a lot. Everyone is familiar and unfamiliar with them.Today, let Xiaobian take everyone to see what are the differences in the following pumpkins!

Honeyben Pumpkin: It looks like a papaya, which is a "old pumpkin" commonly recognized by the public.Suitable for cooking and deep processing, the taste is sweet, the taste is delicate, and the price is relatively cheap.

Beibei pumpkin: The outer skin is gray -green. The "net red" pumpkin, which has been popular in the past two years, is small and cute, has a good taste, has the sweet fragrance of pumpkin, and the sticky chestnuts with chestnuts.

Red chestnut pumpkin: flat and round fruit, peel orange red, colorful color, orange -red flesh, a faint chestnut flavor, cheap price.

Speed up pumpkin: It is similar to the shape of the grinding plate. The melon skin is dark green or dark green. After the mature, the outer skin is brown -red, the water is less, and the texture is very powdered. It is suitable for desserts.

Cream pumpkin: The color of the epidermis is red and reddish, the flesh is bright orange -red, the sugar is very high, the peel is extremely thin, and the flesh is high.

Golden Silkmel: The shape is similar to the zucchini. It is a local noble pumpkin in Xinjiang. The sugar is very high, the chestnut is strong, the meat is delicate and smooth, and there is no obvious fiber feeling.

Silver chestnut pumpkin: The melon skin is white, the rich and sweet chestnut smell, the water is not much, the texture is dry, and it tastes noodles.

Cut melon: It tastes crispy than pumpkin, and it is a variant of pumpkin than the winter melon. It can be eaten with chopping. The cut section wound healed quickly, which does not affect the normal growth rate of melon.

Taro pumpkin: In recent years, the new pumpkin varieties, dark green patterns, tight meat, sweet flavor, strong taro flavor, very unique.

I will share with you here. In fact, there are many varieties of pumpkin. These are just the tip of the iceberg of pumpkin. Which varieties do you know about pumpkin?

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