What are the dreams of pregnant women?

Once a woman is pregnant, she will enter a period of dreams. After falling asleep every day, her mind is full of all kinds of thoughts.Of course, some dreams have nothing to do with themselves, and they often smile when they feel absurd.But some will leave a shadow, making it difficult to sleep on the truth.So what are the common dreams of pregnant women, and what does it mean? How to have a healthy mental state at the same time as the baby is with the baby.Let me explain it here.

What are the dreams of pregnant women?

1. Pay attention to the dream of the child after birth.This contains many concerns in daily life, such as gender comparison, pressure of men and women, and the attention of the children and the surrounding circle.

2. Dreaming of your child or your own death.If the dream does not involve the sense of belly temperature, it is mostly a dream caused by the sense of crisis, because there is no fertility experience, or the external environment is harsh, or the care of others is not enough.If the temperature of the belly changes strongly in the dream, you need to ask the doctor to check it well.Of course, the quilt is not in this case.

3. Dreaming of eating.Pregnant women need a lot of nutritional supplements. If there is a problem with the diet structure or insufficient intake, the dream in the dream will cause dreams due to physiological needs.If you eat sweets in your dreams, it means that there is insufficient nutrition, and the demand for blood sugar is not supplemented. It is recommended to eat more chicken soup; if you eat sour food in your dream, it means that your appetite is lost and you need to appetite.Then, you need to pay attention to the problem of gallbladder.

4. Spring Dream.Chunmeng is very common among pregnant women, because a woman with a normal sexual desire suddenly entered an abstinence (although it can not help but have a period of time, but the general couples can easily choose abstinence because of the protection of their children), and because of the femaleThe reason for the large amount of sex hormones makes the sex organs particularly sensitive.It is also easy to cause spring dreams due to friction.Therefore, it is recommended that pregnant women wear loose clothes.

5. Ghost dream or nightmare.Under normal circumstances, pregnant women are unlikely to have a dream of ghosts. One is relatively speaking. The pregnancy is very good during pregnancy, and the second pregnant woman is away from ghosts.However, some people still have a dream of ghosts, which means that the sleeping environment or physical problems have problems. Generally, it is recommended to strengthen nutrition and body that can care for evil spirits.

6. Dreaming of being chased or chased.In real life, there are mostly lonely days, and there is a lack of communication and joy that really makes physical and mental comfort.It is recommended to contact natural scenery, contact fresh air, green plants, and watch more comedies and cartoons at the same time.

7. Dreaming of breeding or playing with children.Any woman during pregnancy will outline some blueprints with children. Therefore, this dream becomes a prediction dream. In fact, it is just a judgment of prediction dreams.Dream.

8. Dreaming that the husband’s family is dissatisfied with himself.Some of them are still concerned about gender, and some are because they have never learned to bring their children, their usually living habits, coupled with the dreams of serious lack of confidence in their hearts.

9. Dreaming of animals or beasts.Dream of fetal dreams.Any changes in any hormone can trigger or turbulent, or a mild dream.The ancients did not know what hormones were, but from hormone changes, the reality of various animals appeared in the dream, and then the conclusion of the fetal dream boy and female.

10. Dreaming of my husband derailed.It is indeed often news about her husband’s derailment during pregnancy. This kind of news stimulates the trust of pregnant women to her husband because she cannot meet the sexual needs of her husband’s conventional model. In fact, many women do not want that time during this period.I feel particularly heavy, so I always feel that men are unreliable. As long as he leaves for a while, he feels that he must go to pick up girls, or just do things that can’t be seen.

11. Dreaming of quarrel.The suspiciousness caused by endocrine disorders is particularly easy to stimulate contradictions. It is also the most suspicious of it. It is easy to trigger the dispute between husband and wife, and it is also easy to have various hostility to outsiders.Small contradictions can cause great quarrels.

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