What are the examinations after pregnancy?It turned out to be so complicated

Pregnancy is a major event in life. Be careful, and the checkup must be indispensable.We all know that because of the low medical level, many pregnant women will eventually give birth to deformed children, or children with congenital diseases, and some pregnant women lose their children when they are pregnant.Therefore, the previous pregnancy rate was high, but the birth rate was very low.Now the medical level has improved, and you can help those pregnant women discover the problems of the fetus through advanced instruments.Although the pregnancy test given a lot of psychological pressure on pregnant women, this is also for them.Now let’s take a look at the eight levels that you want to pass together.

1. Ectopic pregnancy

At 6-8 weeks of pregnancy, doctors will check for ectopic pregnancy.Ectopic pregnancy has a great threat to pregnant women. Generally, hospitals will use ultrasonic inspections, which will not cause any harm to the child.Elderly women or divertal pregnant women will also be checked by progesterone and HCG.

2. Routine inspection

In 12 weeks, the baby’s fetal heart beating can already be heard, and then it is routine. The pregnant woman only needs to communicate well, and tell the doctor some recent situations to let the doctor judge whether the situation of the pregnant woman is in the normal range.Just in the inside.There is also a NT examination that pregnant women must conduct.

3. Tang’s screening

This is an inspection of the Tang family syndrome. It is required that pregnant women should be checked on an empty stomach. This examination must be done. It is not only responsible for a family, but also a responsibility to the child.

4. Super Driven Favorite Examination

This is the most important step. At this time, the child is developing formed, so when you check, you will see the child’s head and limbs, as well as the organs on the body. In order to prevent the child’s deformity, you will generally check it carefully.

5. Pregnancy diabetes

Generally, the sugar screening is done. It is okay to pass it. If not, then the sugar -resistant examination is required.Don’t underestimate this examination, this may cause children and pregnant women to be in danger.

6. Pioneer fetal position examination

This test is to see the child’s position in the uterus, to study the method of childbirth in pregnant women, so that pregnant women will suffer less pain.

7. Comprehensive inspection

Near the childbirth, pregnant women should be checked, and the weight of the fetus is estimated to determine the method of childbirth.

8 childbirth

The amniotic fluid will be broken during childbirth, and there will be a certain pain. At this time, the doctor will check in internal examination to determine the production.

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