What are the hazards of women’s smoking?These 5 consequences are more serious than one!

Today, society is fiercely competitive, and women are also under tremendous pressure on life and work.In addition to the pressure of the workplace, they also bear all kinds of trivial things in the family.Therefore, many women have the habit of smoking, and mainly want to use smoking to reduce the mood of depression.However, women’s smoking is very harmful.If you don’t quit smoking in time, you may induce some diseases.

First, cause irregular menstruation

We all know that cigarettes contain nicotine ingredients, and harmful substances such as Nixotin will have a great impact on women’s estrogen secretion, which may cause estrogen secretion to lose balance, which will induce symptoms such as irregular menstruation and other symptoms.In case, if it leads to delayed menstruation, or advanced or extended menstrual period, increased or decreased menstrual flow, etc.In addition, the survey shows that women who often smoke have more than 3 times that of women without smoking.Therefore, for healthy women, they still have to quit smoking.

Second, affect pregnancy

Nicotine harmful substances contained in cigarettes will also adversely affect the cilia motion function of the fallopian tube, and nicotine will reduce the chance of women’s conception.In addition, if women do not smoke after pregnancy, they may also affect the healthy development of the fetus and may lead to the possibility of fetal malformations.Therefore, for the sake of descendants, try to quit smoke as much as possible.

Third, lead to premature ovarian failure

Harmic substances in cigarettes are like nicotine and polycondan aromatic hydrocarbons. They are harmful toxins that can change ovarian function, because these harmful substances can not only reduce the secretion level of estrogen in women, but also cause premature ovarian aging and affect ovarian function.Ovarian is very important for women. It is a reproductive organs that produce estrogen. If this organ fails, women will look much older than the actual age.Therefore, in order to have a good ovarian organs and functions, the nausea of smoking must be changed.

Fourth, induce uterine diseases

Women with smoking are more likely to suffer from cancer. Female smoking and cervical cancer are as high as 80 % or more. Women who have been inhaled with second -hand smoke for a long time are more than 70 % of the risk of cervical cancer.And if women smoke during pregnancy, they may also cause less abnormal pregnancy or less breast secretion.

Fifth, induce breast disease

Although smoking does not directly cause breast disease, the risk of breast cancer will increase the risk of women.

In summary, we understand which gynecological diseases will cause women to smoke.It can be seen from the above that women’s smoking is harmless.Smoking can severely damage women’s reproductive organs, leading to a series of gynecological diseases.Therefore, for their own health, women should quit smoking early.

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