What are the manifestations of depression during pregnancy?How to prevent it?

Why can’t I be interested in anything recently?A little bit of trivial contradictions can also excite you with fire?Did your husband become your punch?If the expectant mother finds that her emotions have changed a lot, they should pay attention to whether she suffers from depression during pregnancy; with the advancement of pregnancy, expectant mothers will have fear of deformation figure, childbirth, parenting, etc.Relatively alienation may also make the pregnancy life that should have been happy and happy becomes melancholy and irritable. Let’s take a look at depression during pregnancy.

Small tests during pregnancy

1. Inability to concentrate, memory loss

2. Always feel anxious and confused

3. Very easy to fatigue, or have a continuous sense of fatigue

4. I want to eat or have no appetite

5. Temperature becomes irritable, very easy to get angry

6. The quality of sleep is very poor, love dreaming, and still feel tired after waking up

7. Not interested in anything, laziness, always can’t mention the spirit

8. Continuous emotions are low, so I want to cry

9. Emotional undulating, impermanence

If expectant mothers show more than 4 or more of the above symptoms within two consecutive weeks, it means that it may have suffered from depression during pregnancy. If one of them or two situations is particularly serious in the near future, it must be highly valued and timely, and timely, it must be paid attention to and timely, and timely, and timely, it must be paid attention to and timely, and timely, it must be highly valued and timely, and timely, and timely, it must be highly valued and timely, and timely, and timely, it must be paid attention to and timely, and timely, it must be highly valued and timely.Seek medical treatment

During pregnancy depression, it is always a category of depression. Its manifestations are the same as the depression of other people.

1. The most prominent mental condition of depression is the depression and depression. In addition to the depression, we often say that the three -link disease, one is the low emotion, the second is the slow thinking, and the third is that the activity is reduced. This person shows that this person is reduced. This person shows that this personIn thinking, emotions, and exercise, they have been affected

2. Many people ignore the diagnosis and treatment of depression during pregnancy, and simply make the pregnant woman’s depression and depression, which is attributed to the temporary emotional disorders. In fact, if it is not fully valued and treated in a timely manner, depression during pregnancy is also quite dangerous.It will affect the ability of pregnant women to take care of themselves and the fetus, and bring bad consequences to women and infants

3. At present, it has been found that the depression symptoms of pregnant women can cause premature birth and low weight.Pregnant women with depression disorders often have decreased appetite, weight loss, and insomnia, which will affect the health of the fetus; and women who have used antidepressants will face great risks if they stop the medicine before and after pregnancy.If women are preparing to get pregnant, 70%may recur on the first 3 months of pregnancy. Pregnant women with severe depression disorders will also have self -injury and suicide behavior.

The cause of depression in expectant mothers

1. The change of body shape

As the abdomen is drumming after pregnancy, acne and color spots grow on the skin, and even women who are usually confident in their appearance will start to lose their confidence in themselves

2. The change of hormones

After conception, the number of female hormones in expectant mothers increases. This hormone makes the expectant mothers fluctuating strongly. Sometimes even a little things will make the expectant mother allergy and even lose their temper.

3. The relationship with husband

After the beginning of pregnancy, I can’t live sexual life as much as before. At this time, expectant mothers will feel that the relationship with her husband will be alienated.

4. Fear of childbirth

As the birth period approaches, the uneasiness of expectant mothers has increased, which will also have a certain impact on psychology.

5. Parenting psychology

While I want to see the baby eagerly, I am also worried about the pressure of raising the baby in the future

In order to relieve depression, in addition to the treatment of doctors, expectant mothers also need to seek intimate support and help in a timely manner

1. Make sure to communicate with the quasi -dad’s intimate time every day and get the care of the husband

2. Express your emotions to your loved ones and friends, and let the bad emotions out in time

3. Moderate Internet access, reading parenting books, watching positive TV shows, communicating with other expectant mothers to get pregnant experiences, points

Enjoy the joy of pregnancy, consult with colleagues and friends with production experience

4. Put yourself in a positive and sunny crowd, get an optimistic mentality to better resist the depression

5. As a husband who is about to be a father, you must be alert to his wife’s pregnancy depression, and accompany his wife to disperse, do not let your wife angry, when your wife has symptoms of depression

You can also try these small tricks to relieve depression emotions

1. Warning method

Imagine that the fetus is looking at yourself, telling yourself not to be angry, and everything is not perfect.

2. Transfer method

Leaving an environment where you feel unhappy

3. Coordination method

Take a walk with my husband every day in a quiet environment, and talk about the love of the love between husband and wife

3. breathing method

When you feel irritable, take a deep breath, relax your whole body, close your eyes slightly, slowly inhale with your nose, take 5 seconds as the standard, and use your mouth to breathe slowly through your mouth for 10 seconds.

4. Beauty

I often change my image, change a hairstyle, put on my favorite clothes, and maintain a good mood

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