What are the need to pay attention to pregnant sows?

One of the things that farmers often ask is whether the sows I raise are pregnant and whether the breeding is matched. Some farmers now use B -ultrasound to determine whether sows are pregnant.Households must ensure that pig tires survive and grow rapidly, and they need to provide sufficient nutrition and quiet environment for pig groups. Today, Teacher Song’s Pig Disease Lecture Hall tells farmers’ friends to tell the precautions of pregnant sow feeding for your reference:

Farmers should conduct pregnancy checks as soon as possible. Early examinations can be checked for sows without pregnancy. In advanced inspection, sows who died early pigs could be checked (abortion within 60 days, sows can be absorbed and become tires.For the formation of mummy), farmers can use boars to check whether the sow is returned on the 18th day after artificial insemination or this friend.It can effectively improve the efficiency of work). From 21 days, you can scan B -ultrasound. Do it once every 2 weeks. 56 days and 70 days after pregnancy, sow’s abdomen and nipples will develop.

Pig tire death is also different at different stages. If there is a problem with ovulation and the sow’s eggs are less or the quality is not high, it will cause the species to be worthy.If it is not high, there will be fertilization failure, and sows will also return. Within one month of pregnancy, the death of pig tires is mainly due to the turning circle, competing for stress, fighting, and breeding households., Parasites (chiggons, tapeworms, tapeworms, etc.) in the body and outside the body, the pig farm environment is relatively poor.After one month of pregnancy, the death of pig tires may be due to too much sow, insufficient space in the uterus, sows’ physical reasons, or sows high fever, and some diseases can also cause pig tires to die.It is very important to provide a quiet environment for the sow to provide a quiet environment within one month of pregnancy, because the pig tires at this stage are very sensitive to changes in the uterine environment.

If the proportion of sows in the pig farm is relatively high, it is necessary to consider whether the aphrodisiac work is not in place. The sow is too short of estrus time, the time for artificial insemination is not good, or the farmers’ estrus test of the sow is not enough.In fact, the most common reason for the return of emotions is the low level of insemination management.The breeders’ work pressure is relatively high, and the workflow is not done well. It is not possible for sows to do well. This is the possibility of sow returning.

The successful breeding of sows is the result of the combination of various reasons. The assault of the breeder is in place, the estrus examination is accurate, the sperm -transfusion time is good, the sperm is excellent, the quality of the boar is high, the semen storage conditions meet the standard, the sow’sNormally (the sow is too thin and thin), there is no serious disease, and the light of the pig farm is normal (intensity and light time).

Many diseases can cause sow premature birth, dead tires and mummy fetuses, but the possibility of bacteria or viruses in dead tires and mummy tires is also relatively small. Infectious diseases damage the uterus by damaging the uterus.Or sow fever will cause prostaglandin in the body, and prostinin can cause miscarriage. Therefore, if you find that pregnant sows are fever, you must fever as soon as possible.

If the sow watches have parasites (chiggaining mites, etc.) or dermatitis, it will cause sows to be anxious, which will also cause sows to return. If farmers observe that the sow is not good, the amount of feeding is reduced, and the measurement can be measured.The body temperature of the sow is mainly to measure the anal temperature of the sow. The thermometer should be applied to the lubricant, inserted 5 cm in the sow, and the body temperature of the healthy pregnancy sow is 38-39 degrees. If the body temperature is higher than 39.5 degrees, thenThe sow is a fever, and the farmers should reduce fever as soon as possible.

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