What are the performance of vaginal relaxation after childbirth?

Postpartum relaxation is not just caused by the expansion of the fetus during childbirth. Long -term pregnancy compression can also lead to relaxation, just like a regular stretching and long -term stretching of rubber bands.Vaginal relaxation of different degrees of childbirth will occur, and of course, the cesarean section will not be so obvious.

1. Try to avoid doing dry and heavy work as soon as possible, and it is easy to aggravate abdominal pressure, leading to the recovery of the uterine and pelvic floor muscles, which has been severely damaged, bringing problems such as uterine prolapse.

2. The postpartum uterus requires a recovery period to avoid strenuous exercise. For example, sit -ups, over -running is not recommended to do it. It is more suitable to wait for the pelvic floor muscles to be completely recovered before making it.

3. The legs of the Erlang Lang will not only affect the recovery of the basin muscle, but also cause the bones to deform and have long legs.

4. I ca n’t live too early, and the postpartum wounds are still recovering. It has not completely healed, which can easily lead to bacterial infection, which is easy to get gynecological inflammation. In addition, it is also easy to get pregnant.Une pregnancy will cause harm to your body again.

X quality of life decreases:

When women have vaginal relaxation, they feel less friction when X live. If such a situation occurs for a long time, X is cold.Yin blowing and leakage:

The vaginal relaxation is due to the tissue disorders of the basin of the basin. The bottom muscle of the pot is like a "net". Once this "net" is relaxed, it will not be able to hold the urethra, bladder, vaginal, uterine, rectal and other organs.As a result, the muscle strength and contraction of the vagina also decreased.

When the vagina appears relaxed, the function of the vagina closed normally and shrinking has decreased to a certain extent, so the phenomenon of yin blowing will occur when the gas enters.In addition, due to the decline in the support of the front wall of the vaginal vagina, the abdominal pressure increases, such as cough, laughing, sneezing, etc.

The above is the manifestation of vaginal relaxation. Although it will not cause pain and uncomfortable symptoms, everyone should not underestimate this condition, otherwise it will delay the most appropriate treatment time and the occurrence of various gynecological diseases.It is necessary to do a gynecological examination.

Women usually return to normal in about 3-5 months.If it is not recovered, those with mild relaxation can promote the exercise of the muscle tension, such as the exercise of the Caiger, anal lifting exercise, etc.If the symptoms of vaginal relaxation are severe, and postpartum urine leakage can be improved, surgery can be improved.

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