What are the reasons for babies vomiting milk?

What do you do if your baby vomit milk? Although many mothers know that newborns can easily cause vomiting due to physiological reasons, when they see their baby vomiting milk, they are still nervous.Here are the reasons for the baby’s vomiting and the processing method.

Although many mothers know that newborns can easily cause vomiting due to physiological reasons, when they see their baby vomiting milk, they are still nervous.Here, we will introduce you in detail about the specific causes of baby vomiting, what care can we do when you vomit, and what methods can we prevent children from vomiting.

The reason why the baby vomit milk

Pediatric expert Bao Xiulan believes that the baby’s vomiting, such as excessive breastfeeding, too large breastfeeding, too large the pores of the nipple, too fast milk, etc.;Air; excessive change of position during feeding.Improve the above problems, such as replacing the diaper before feeding and finishing care.After eating the milk, hug up and pat his back vertically, let him snoring, and let the baby stand on the right side.Vomiting gradually decreases with age.

What to do if the baby vomit milk

When feeding your baby, try to hug him as much as possible.If he is tangled in your arm, or sitting in a baby car seat lazily, he will make the formula or breast milk from entering his stomach, causing the baby to vomit milk.

Be quiet when feeding.Focusing on breastfeeding can avoid babies vomiting.Reduce the surrounding noise and other things that may distract the baby.Moreover, try not to wait for the baby to be hungry before feeding him.If the baby is distracted or impatient, it is more likely to swallow the air when eating breast milk or formula milk, and the phenomenon of vomiting is more likely to appear.

If your baby eats a square milk or squeezed breast milk, be sure to pay attention to the pacifier hole should not be too small, because it will make the baby anxious and swallow the air.But on the other hand, if the pacifier is too large, because the milk flows too fast, the baby can’t swallow it and cause the baby to vomit.

Every time you feed your baby, you have to snoring your baby.In fact, if the baby stops naturally, you have to use this opportunity to rush him before he starts to eat.In this case, if the baby has air in the stomach, he can be discharged before he eats more milk.

Be careful not to forget to put a towel on your shoulder before you slap to prevent the clothes from soaring.Don’t worry if you don’t take a shot for your baby in a few minutes.The baby is likely to not hiccups at that time!

Don’t press your baby’s belly.The clothes and diapers that the baby wearing must not be too tight. When you shoot him, don’t press your baby’s belly on your shoulder.Try not to take him out of the car when the baby just finishes milk, because when the baby is sitting in a baby car seat, his stomach will be squeezed, causing vomiting.

After the baby is eating milk, don’t let him move too hard.Try to keep your baby upright for about half an hour.So gravity will play a role.You can carry him, put him in his back bag, or if he is large enough, support him with a pillow, and let him lean on you, which can also reduce the baby’s vomiting.

Don’t give your baby too much.If the baby seems to spit a little after eating milk, he may eat too much.Try the interval between feeding a little shorter. Each time he feeds his formula milk or breast milk, he is slightly less, and see if he is willing.He may be willing to eat less recipe milk or breast milk each time, but he will want to eat a few more times.This is also a way to avoid baby vomiting.

If your baby is easy to vomit milk when he sleeps, you can raise his head a little bit.Although it is not safe to let him sleep on the pillow, you can use a foam or wood block to raise a mattress or the bedside of his mattress or the bedside of the bed to avoid the baby vomiting.Source: Family Doctor Online

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