What are the taboos in the same room during the menstrual period, will it get sick?

Xiao Li, Kobayashi is a couple of different places.

Separate Shanghai and Beijing.Because of the work relationship, you can only see a few times a year.

Two people, while keeping acacia and suffering, surprised each other while preparing to meet.

It is also a coincidence that a few days ago, the man rarely came back once.

Originally, dry wood and fire encountered together, and at all.

Unfortunately, the woman came with "Auntie".

"Come to the life of a husband and wife, will it affect health?" "Will you get pregnant?"

A series of concerns prevents their strong thoughts.

The woman’s psychology is still worried and unwilling, but it is usually separated from two places for many years, and the same room is difficult.

After all, the lingering love of the two people will inevitably have a heart.

So, can the menstrual period be in the same room?Will you get sick after the same room?Will there be other questions?

What are the taboos in the same room during menstruation, solve.Today, let Dr. Pang open the sunroof to talk to everyone.Select the same room during menstruation, there are many disadvantages during menstruation, inflammation, internal disorders, and infertility.All in all, the same room is not good for both men and women.I still have to be clear.

Harm 1:

It will cause pelvic congestion of women, cause increased menstrual flow, and prolong the menstrual period.

Harm 2:

During the coming period of "Aunt Aunt", women’s cervix is open. "Foreign objects" invading will actually bring bacteria in. Meridity blood is a well -developed medium of bacteria, which can easily cause bacteria to breed a lot of blood culture bases, more seriousYes, the bacteria will spread along the sketching endometrium and the broken small blood vessels, which causes infection. It may affect the endometrium, fallopian tube and pelvic organ, causing women to suffer from various gynecological diseases.

Harm three:

Men’s sperm will enter the blood of women in the damage of the endometrium, which can easily cause sperm antibodies of women’s blood, leading to immune infertility.

Harm 4:

Because women have uterine contraction during X impulse, uterine contraction can easily lead to endometrial fragments to enter the pelvic and ovaries along the falling egg tube, which then causes a variety of endometriosis such as chocolate cysts.

Harm 5:

Women’s menstrual secretions enter the male urethra, which may cause men to suffer from urethritis.

Harm 6:

Women with a short menstrual cycle are still possible to get pregnant with their husbands during the menstrual period.If the menstrual cycle of women is shorter than 23 days, it may ovulation after the end of menstruation, and the survival time of sperm in the fallopian tube can reach 3 days.In addition, for a long time to reunite or accident, women’s mood will be extremely excited, ovulation, and accidental pregnancy is not surprising.

Therefore, in a word, there are many bad places in the same room during menstruation, and inflammation is not terrible, but endometriosis is terrible, and the abnormality of anti -sperm antibodies is very troublesome.

Therefore, for couples who have planned to enter the marriage, for lovers who have a planned baby plan, it is not advisable to have a room during menstruation. Remember!

So, "Men’s mouth, deceiving ghost", please understand and understand this sentence!

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