What are the things about early pregnancy cards

1. What is early pregnancy card?Early pregnancy card (volume) refers to the establishment of the "Preparatory Health Card" and "Maternal Maternal System" and "Maternal Maternal System" and "Maternal Maternal System" at the community health service center or town health center where the pregnant woman belongs to the current residence.Management Health Manual "and electronic health files.

Second, why do you want to build a card for early pregnancy?According to the requirements of the "National Basic Public Health Services Specifications", the standards of maternal health management service specifications clearly stipulate that the township health centers and community health service centers living by pregnant women from 6 to 12 weeks of pregnancy are established.For the first time, the card is built at the grassroots level, and the pregnant woman can still choose to check the hospital’s inspection hospital.When building a card (volume) early pregnancy, grass -roots medical staff will ask the pregnant women in detail to conduct a health status assessment, preliminary screening of high -risk pregnancy, early discovery of bad factors that may affect pregnant women and fetuses, guide pregnant women to take necessary treatment and intervention to avoid causing to cause to avoid exaggerationFactors affect the health of pregnant women and fetuses to the greatest extent.After pregnant women complete the early pregnancy card (volume), the community doctors will also provide professional prenatal and postpartum follow -up and health care consulting services for pregnant women to realize the full dynamic management of the community’s full process of pregnant women from early pregnancy to postpartum.Jianka (volume) is very important and necessary for pregnant women.

3. What are the service content of free early pregnancy cards?1. Collection of personal information: Including the first registration date, the first birth of the pregnancy, the name of the pregnant woman and the husband and the husband, the age, the place of origin, the occupation, the work unit, the cultural level, the telephone, the current site, the ID number, the household registration address.2. Evaluate the health status of pregnant women: Inquiry about previous history, family history, personal history, etc., observe the body, spirit, etc., and conduct general medical examinations and gynecological examinations.3. Establish a card book: Establish a "Preparatory Health Card" and "Maternal Maternal System Management Health Care Manual" 4. Establish electronic files: accurately and complete the information of the first -time card building on the "Pre -Police Health Card", and incorporate them into it and include it into it.Electronic health file management.5. Premature health guidance: Provide personal hygiene, psychological and nutritional health care guidance and consultation during pregnancy to avoid the abrasion factors and the adverse effects of the disease on the embryo, and to conduct publicity notices for prenatal screening and prenatal diagnosis.Supervise pregnant women with regular obstetrics and promote the basic public health service projects of maternal and child health care and the policy of benefiting the people.6. For pregnant women with risk factors and pregnancy taboos or severe complications, they will be referred to higher -level medical and health institutions in a timely manner.(Chengdu also contains free AIDS, syphilis, and hepatitis B screening. If there are AIDS and syphilis infections, the treatment is also free)

Fourth, will early pregnancy at the grassroots level affect pregnant women’s maternity examination?Early pregnancy cards (volumes) at the grass -roots medical institutions do not affect pregnant women’s free choice of delivery and childbirth hospitals.Pregnant women need to go to the community health service center or town health center to build cards where the current residence is located at 6 to 12 weeks of pregnancy (the first day of the last month menstruation).Medical care institutions conduct prenatal inspections.Pregnant women who need to refer to high -risk pregnancy must complete the subsequent production examination at the superior medical care institution according to doctors’ suggestions.

5. What information do I need to bring in early pregnancy cards?1. The original "Resident ID Card" of the pregnant woman herself 2. This pregnancy examination report (the results of the blood/urine pregnancy test or B -ultrasound test of the medical institution).

6. Where can I take early pregnancy cards?Establishing the "Preparatory Health Card" and "Maternal Maternal System Management Health Care Manual in Zhuhai City" are the first steps for pregnant women to receive free maternal and child health services. Once pregnant women find pregnancy, they should go to the community health service center or town health center at the place of residence as soon as possibleEstablish a "prenatal health care card" to ensure the health of mother and baby.

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