What are the things about pregnancy and child

I have always wanted to write a growth diary for the fruit, and I have been busy with all kinds of things. To this day, I feel that I ca n’t drag any more, otherwise those things have slowly forgot what to do. I am a mother and I must write down.How happy it is to grow in your own growth process.It is like our generation, and there are few photos when we were young.

The last time I wrote a log is still in 2011. It is now 2015. The time in these years is like a blink of an eye. It seems that yesterday I was still in the community. Today I called me.The words are connected to say "Mom is good".And I experienced having a child and having a mother, and I became a lot of emotions.Therefore, we always feel that time is still very long, there is no need to worry about anything, take it slowly, as a result, when we look back, it has passed, and youth is no longer.

About pregnancy

When I was just married, I do n’t worry, do n’t have a child, I haven’t played enough.As a result, when I wanted a child, it was not so easy. That was anxious, conditioning, taking medicine.It turns out that the more urgent the more useful, the more urgent, the more urgent.Coupled with the questions of relatives and friends, the thought pressure is great!Then I was very worried, whether I would not get pregnant, is it endocrine disorders? Will others laugh at me, and so on.

Later, he quarreled with her husband and quarreled fiercely.The fruit was here at this time, which was caught off guard. At that time, I ate a kind of western medicine, and then I was worried that I was not good for the baby.Then my husband and I checked on the computer every day, and made a lot of phone calls every day.In fact, I never thought that I would not want a baby, just worried that she would be affected by the drug.The baby is very good, very healthy, fortunate, thank God!So, sometimes I will tell the fruit now, fruit, you are just right, you are the hero, if it wasn’t for you, my father would divorce my mother!Husband was so angry that I was staring, saying that I misleaded my children, haha.

Therefore, some people say that children have fate with us, I believe this sentence too!

About men and women

I think that all pregnant women should have such a kind of experience, that is, no matter where you go, people who have given birth will run to tell you a lot of things about pregnancy.They are happy for you, and they will tell you a lot of precautions and some valuable experiences, and have the pride of coming people in the tone.I smiled and nodded.I still feel that they are a little bit embarrassed.Who knows that I am now the same. When I saw the big belly, I couldn’t stop my mouth.

Throughout pregnancy, I did not have obvious pregnancy reactions, basically what I saw.My mother came from Henan and saw me eating two eggs, a bag of milk, and steamed buns in the morning.Then I kept eating snacks or so on, and hesitated to ask me if I ate too much.I think this is my mother, or I am sad, I do n’t let me eat when I am pregnant.However, my husband has an attitude: eat, eat more, and let my son gain weight.By the way, I haven’t told you yet. My husband wanted his son at the time, and I was not obvious.Then he verified that my son was pregnant through various signs of signs.

It’s funny to say. I can tell everyone responsible now that I can tell everyone responsible for everyone. What kind of fetus dreams? Look at the belly. Look at the reaction.Don’t believe you listen to me carefully.I remember my colleague told me that she dreamed of flowers and cards at the time, but it turned out to be a daughter. She also said that the baby dream was accurate and magical.In the second month of Baby Huai, I don’t know if it is psychological hints too powerful or what is going on. I really had a dream.It is a little black snake on the ground. I have nowhere to get my feet. I was afraid of snakes. Besides, there were so many, I ran ah, and as a result, I had a big python and almost swallowed me.Wake up and cry.My husband comforted me while Baidu, and then I was glad to tell me that such a dream indicates that there is a boy.I did not vomit in three months. A friend told me that the girl Huai was noisy, the children were quiet, and all the sons concluded.For more than five months, I went to my husband’s unit to participate in the incense waves on the grassland. As always, a sister -in -law with a better relationship said calmly: You must be your son.It was empty behind, and I couldn’t see my belly at all, so it was definitely a boy.Later, in our teaching building, I often went to the teaching and research room to change the dissertation for the students. There was a Tibetan aunt who swept the floor. I may see me every day. I couldn’t help talking to me.Boy, your belly is very sharp, really, don’t believe you to watch at that time.I just thank you.Later, in the late pregnancy, I often took a walk in the community. Once a granddaughter told my mother -in -law: Your daughter -in -law is pregnant with a boy. You see, the belly is pointed, and the boy is right.Later, it was a girl who was hospitalized before giving birth. A girl who was hospitalized with me had a flat stomach and a wide waist. My stomach was very sharp, and there was no meat on my waist.My mother and my mother -in -law said that when I look at my belly, I should be a boy. The girl should be the girl (the result is of course the opposite. The girl was born with a boy, and mine was a girl).In the end, it was the same delivery room as me. At that time, they were born. The mother -in -law told my mother -in -law that your daughter -in -law must have a boy.As a result, she was cut out the next day, and the grandma was embarrassed.I want to say, is my stomach misleading?

From my pregnancy to my death, there were really so many people vowed to tell me that I was pregnant with a boy, haha, of course, they all told me for me.I just want to tell everyone, what, don’t believe this, it’s not allowed!

Is it smooth or cut

Regarding the problem of or dissecting, my husband and I have long discussed.I have learned a lot about the pain of prenatal array, and I also found that some of them were rotating. In addition, my baby was scared to give birth at that time.Fast recovery.Okay, I will go smoothly.Before giving birth, in order to smoothly give birth, I climbed the stairs every day, 11

Building, two back and forth, that hard work.Baba had to wait until the due date, and the baby did not move.After more than two days, I couldn’t wait at home, and I was hospitalized.If you want to dissect, the husband will not persist in giving birth at this time.However, the doctor said that there is no indication if you want to cut it.Nima, waited for another two days.The legendary pre -delivery pain still did not come, and no red.The hospital is listening to the fetal heart every day, asking for the response.On the third day of hospitalization, check that the baby is still not incorporated. I really can’t hold it. I can’t put on my shoes with my feet. The key is that my legs are painful and can’t sleep at night.In the end, her husband stuffed a red envelope to the doctor and expressed his willingness to dissect.As a result, the hospital’s efficiency is high, you can’t believe it.I gave the money at 10:30 in the morning, and the nurse had a pre -surgery examination at 11 o’clock, telling us about 1 pm surgery.Then there are those examinations of the ureter.My husband asked me if I was nervous, and I nodded hard.

When entering the operating room door, her husband, mother, and mother -in -law are all there.Husband said, don’t be afraid, I just wait for you outside, and you see me when you come out.I am at ease.

When lying on the operating table, there is a feeling of getting rid of.After taking the anesthetic, it would be unclear below the waist.I didn’t feel that they had diarrhea. I heard a nurse saying: "It was a girl."Then, I heard the cry of wow, crisp and loud, as if they were declare my arrival loudly. At that moment, my tears flowed down, didn’t want to cry, I didn’t know how to tears and came out.I think any mother will cry when the child is separated from the mother’s body. It is joy, excitement, liberation, happiness, and indispensable emotion.Then the nurse said that now it is briefly cleaned up to my baby and told me that it was seven pounds and four.I laughed, my girl looks good.They took it next to me and said that I took a look at it and hugged it. I glanced at it and said.They took it out.To be honest, I didn’t see anything at all. What can I look at with the breath and what I don’t look at.During the Qing Palace, the doctor asked me, did you break the amniotic fluid before? I said no, the doctor said, fortunately, the amniotic fluid was polluted three times today, and there were very few.I scolded in my heart, Nima, you do n’t give you money if you do n’t give you money. Fortunately, if you delay my girl, I wo n’t be desperate with you.

Later, her husband said that when he was waiting outside the operating room, someone called Xiaoxi’s family, and he hurried over. The nurse said: Girl.He stunned for a moment, thinking whether he was wrong, wasn’t it a son?Then quickly follow the nurse to wash the baby room.When he was in the elevator, he looked at the baby well, and at this time the baby looked at him halfway.Husband said that when the baby looked at him for a while, he saw all his hearts, and it was so soft.I also said that when I looked at her baby, I had forgotten whether she was a boy or a girl, so I wanted to feel distressed.Later, the baby was pulled a lot of fetal stools, and her dad was disgusting.

After 24 hours after cutting, the head should be placed flat and unable to move. I can turn around the next day, and I clearly see the baby’s true face. Then I said to my husband: You have always said that it looks good, distressed, this is not good -looking, ugly, ugly, ugly,Well.My husband said what you look at.I couldn’t sit up until the third day. For the first time, I hugged my baby. Oh, my daughter is quite heavy, like a meat and egg.Later, in a few days of recovery, many uncomfortable remembers were not remembered, and the most painful thing in the impression was that the nurse came to press the stomach. It was really painful. It was so painful that I had to know this experience.

Her husband asked for leave half a month before his birth, and always accompanied me. In the hospital in the hospital, he could not tired her husband and not sleep for a few hours a day.I didn’t go to work until the full moon.I want to say, my husband, thank you, I have been with me during a special period of a woman who has a child, so that I have no concern, no complaints, and I can give birth to my baby with peace of mind.You love your baby, I love my baby, thank you for love her so much.

It is said that my daughter is the little lover of my father’s previous life. I believe it, absolutely.Since I have this little lover, my husband has basically forgot me.What a expensive thing, as long as it is needed by a girl, buy it immediately; sleep sinking, I also like to sleep next to the baby, so that I will be busy all night, cover the baby in a quilt, and pull my husband out one time.Pressing the baby; once in the confinement, because I was particularly sleepy, I was late to feed the baby, so I lost my temper with me and sad me. Later, I said that fortunately I was strong, there was no postpartum depression, otherwise you had a trouble.Surly jumping off the building; now one day on the phone is to boast how to be smart with me. In the eyes of my husband, the daughter is smarter than other children; watching my husband likes her so much, I can’t imagine it. When the daughter is going to marry someone in the future,How uncomfortable he was.

(Unparalleled to be continued……)

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