What are your pregnancy?

The placenta was peeled early, and the child left.

I got married on October 1, 19, and prepared for a baby for a year. As a result, I was surprised. I was pregnant on November 3.Because taking anti -inflammatory drugs in October for a week, taking anti -urticaria medicine for nearly two weeks, dare not determine the child’s stay.

On November 5th, he hung the hospital’s eugenics department and repeatedly consulted the influence of the drug. The doctor suggested trying to take a walk.It will be surpassed by the fittest.On the 9th, I went to the hospital to see HCG double and progesterone, and they were good in all aspects, so they decided to ask this baby.

However, bleeding began on November 15th, and the doctor suggested that you can eat progesterone first to see the situation.This time, bleeding is just the beginning. The intermittent bleeding in the first three months did not stop, but the fetal heart buds were developed well, so they kept fetal fetus.There were three or four bleeding volume, and the toilet was red like a aunt, which was almost scared to death.After three months, I suddenly stopped bleeding miraculously, comforting himself, the baby should be stable.

However, the problem in the first three months is not only the hemorrhage. From the several B -ultrasounds done in November, it can be seen that the pregnancy sac is not good, extremely right, and is located at the right palace corner.Doctors are worried that they will develop in ectopic pregnancy. It is recommended to observe every week. Fortunately, after a few times, the B -ultrasound found that the pregnancy sac has gradually developed in the center of the uterus, and finally he can relieve his breath.

Because there is a continuous bleeding in the early stage, there is a lot of bleeding at 11 weeks and showing no signs of blood flow. The doctor recommends whether there is a problem with NT to see if the baby is.Fortunately, NT is normal, and after NT, he gradually stops bleeding, and gradually let go.

At the end of the year, I caught up with the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia, and until 18 weeks before I went to the hospital again to do Tang sieve.The baby’s Tang sieve has not been, and there are 2 problems, OSB high risk, 21 trio critical risk.I did non -invasive afternoon, and I wanted to confirm whether there was a problem with the Trilogy.OSB can only be excluded when four dimensions.

After receiving non -invasive text messages a week, security passed non -invasive.I thought the four -dimensional passed smoothly.However, the accident came again.

On March 8th, I wanted to give it a three -eight gift to myself. However, the doctor informed that the placenta grew to the corner of the palace and was squeezed by the palace horns, which caused the placenta to be too poor.The fetus is too small, the baby of the 22nd gestational week is only 19 weeks, and it is less than 3 weeks.Moreover, the placenta position is too poor, and it is easy to break the palace horn or adhesion. It is probably not waiting for the monthly production. It is located at the palace horns. It is difficult to discharge the placenta and need a cesarean section.

At present 22 weeks and 4 days, eat every day at home, eat crazy, what kind of tires are eaten, I hope the baby will rise quickly.If the food supplement does not have an effect, we may be hospitalized next week to keep the tires and promote the growth of the baby. Try to make the baby grow up 28 weeks after 28 weeks.

I didn’t do anything throughout my pregnancy. I was bed in bed every day. In addition, the epidemic did not let go, and I felt that I was going to lie down.

During pregnancy, accidents always come one after another. I feel that I am pregnant like Xitian to learn from the scriptures. I have to go through the difficulty of 1981, but I believe that the result must be beautiful!

On March 20th, I went to the hospital to review the four -dimensional, 23+5 pregnancy weeks, but the baby is only 20 weeks, which is a bit desperate. The doctor asked the immune check system to complete it.Do it?I changed my hospital and asked me to re -examine the thyroid function and trace elements, saying that if there was no problem, I was hospitalized to be hospitalized.

More on March 22, I have been admitted to the hospital today. I checked the immune system while fighting the nutrient solution and the fetus chromosomes. I hope that there can be good results (✪ ▽ ✪), come on!

On March 24th, the immunization system found that the anti -cardin and phospholipid antibody was positive. There were no particularly effective ways. Daily heparima was used. The doctor said that only 50 % may be effective.Take oxygen, see if the effect is determined to be discharged.

It was too moved to thank you for your encouragement and attention on March 29.Today I was also very happy. I reviewed the B -ultrasound. It was 9 days from the last inspection. I grew up for 14 days. I felt that the nutrient solution was still effective for a week.The needle eye.You can be discharged tomorrow. Go home and continue to play heparin. I hope that everything will be fine!The baby thanks to your aunt for your care ~

On April 12th, I do n’t know how to describe my mood. Yesterday was two weeks after discharge yesterday. The B -ultrasound was reviewed. The fetus was great. There were not many days that had fallen.However, at half past in the evening, I suddenly felt flowing under my sleep in my sleep. When I sat down to the toilet, I found that it was a blood flowing. I couldn’t stop it.However, the contraction is frequent. Now at 5 am, at 5 am, in the magnesium dharma, the specific cause of bleeding should be checked at dawn.

On April 13th, at 5 o’clock in the hospital, a sudden bleeding, pushing me directly to cesarean section

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